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President Trump’s approval numbers continue to rise

by | Aug 27, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

The headline to the story at Rasmussen Reports today is extremely telling: “Voters Sync With Trump More Than Biden On Major Issues.”

Let’s take a few minutes to talk about this in a wider context. Let’s add the latest from Zogby Analytics and the media’s all-out attempt to hide former Vice President Joe Biden’s extremism on abortion.

From Rasmussen:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 40% of Likely U.S. Voters say Trump’s views are closest to their own when they think about the major issues facing the nation. Thirty-four percent (34%) say Biden’s views are closest to their own. 

Three days ago, the New York Times’ Jim Tankersley, like the Grinch, “stood puzzling and puzzling.” How could President Trump’s  numbers on the economy be improving?

“Why does President Trump continue to get higher marks on economic issues in polls than his predecessors Barack Obama, George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush enjoyed when they stood for re-election?”asked a perplexed and chagrined  Tankersley

The specifics are beside the point for the moment. What is important is to take this in combination with Rasmussen’s findings [that “Trump’s views are closest to their own when they think about the major issues”]. 

So what did the latest Zogby Analytics poll reveal? Writing for the Washington Examiner, under the headline “Trump pops to 52%: ‘Best job approval rating on record,’ up with blacks, even Democrats,” Paul Bedard [] quotes pollster Jonathan Zogby, who said, “The president has recorded his best job approval rating on record.” 

Where is the additional support for President Trump coming from? “Blacks and independent voters” as well as “urban dwellers…”

Zogby said “36% of blacks approve of the president, as do 37% of Hispanics and 35% of Asians,” according to the Examiner.

In addition, Bedard writes, “Approval among independent voters is also up, to 44%. And ‘intriguingly,’ said Zogby, 23% of Democrats approve of Trump.”

Then there is Joe Biden and abortion. Remember, Biden and his army of media enablers are desperate to paint him as a “moderate,” even as former President Barack Obama tells the New York Times, “If you look at Joe Biden’s goals and [Sen.] Bernie Sanders’s goals, they’re not that different from a forty-thousand-foot level.” 

Actually, you don’t have to leave the ground to see that Mr. Biden’s goals and self-described Socialist Sanders’ goals are wholly simpatico.

Writing for National Review online, David Harsanyi patently takes apart the latest Washington Post story that insists “Biden does not support ‘late-term abortion and infanticide.’”

[There are at a minimum of 11,000 to 13,000 abortions performed after 20 weeks, and probably a lot more.]

Harsanyi responds

It is, no doubt, true that Biden doesn’t want to drive women down abortion clinics himself. Yet, he supports the ability of women to terminate pregnancies into the ninth month. Nearly every Democrat has voted against the 20-week ban on abortion. And every time you ask a one what restrictions they believe should exist, they retort with the vacuous claim that as long as a woman huddles up with her physician when deciding to dispense with a human being, it’s none of our business.

But the fact that the vast majority of women don’t choose a late-term abortion doesn’t change Biden’s position. In fact, Democratic Party presidential nominee recently dropped his 45-year of support for the Hyde amendment — the last vestige of his moderation — to back state-funded abortions.

Whatever minimal reservations Joe Biden once held, they are a thing of the past. To seal the deal for the Abortion Industry, he chose as his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris. 

In her failed presidential run, Sen. Harris did find time to introduce her “Reproductive Rights Act” action plan. Included were a series of sweeping pro-abortion policies and directives that would wipe out all protective laws at the federal level and hunt down any state legislatures brave enough to pass protective legislation.

What a pair.

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