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Shreveport abortion clinic withdraws suit against Louisiana clinic licensing system

by | Aug 3, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Another victory in Louisiana!

Last week, Hope Medical Group For Women (formerly known as June Medical Services) withdrew its challenge to Louisiana’s abortion clinic licensing system, according to Ben Clapper, Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life. The suit, filed in 2016,

sought to invalidate nearly every one of Louisiana’s health and safety requirements relating to abortion, including those to ensure informed consent, provide for the reporting of accurate data on abortion complications, require compliance with the sanitary code, and require abortion clinic medical staff to meet basic qualifications for competency.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry

Clapper hailed the work done by the state in preserving and protecting the law. “Without Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and Louisiana Solicitor General Liz Murrill’s persistence in defending the state’s pro-life laws, this dismissal would not have come to pass,” he said. “We applaud their dedication and expertise and look forward to more victories for women and unborn children in Louisiana.”

When AG Landry received the news last Wednesday, he said, in part,

Today’s news is a victory for Louisiana women, and I congratulate Solicitor Liz Murrill and her team for yet another win in our efforts to protect Louisiana women and girls from unsafe conditions in abortion clinics. But our fight is not over; Louisiana’s incompetent and unsafe abortion providers should not be permitted to challenge the health and safety standards that our duly-elected Legislature enacts in order to protect women from these very same providers. … My office and I will not waver in defense of our State’s pro-woman and pro-life laws; and we will continue to do all we legally can to protect Louisiana women.

Louisiana Solicitor General Liz Murrill

In its coverage, the Baptist Message explained that the U.S. Fifth Circuit of Appeals reviewed the case last October and found the abortion clinic’s arguments unpersuasive. “The case had returned to the U.S. Middle District Court in Baton Rouge when it was dismissed, and last week Hope Medical Services and the physicians who perform abortions dropped their challenge to the lawsuit.”

In a brief story the Associated Press reported that the judges “said that abortion-rights advocates lack standing to pursue many of their claims and that a lower court judge’s ruling allowing the entire case to proceed was in error.”

In a revealingly bitter comment, the AP added

The dismissal paperwork was filed in Baton Rouge federal court on Wednesday with little attention, until abortion opponents hailed the ending of the lawsuit in statements Friday.

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