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Ultrasounds also profoundly affect fathers

by | Aug 19, 2020

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

If you doubt the power of ultrasounds to save women from the heartache of abortion, consider this observation from a sonographer named Ann, who was quoted in the summer newsletter of central Pennsylvania’s Morning Star Pregnancy Services.

“To show someone that it’s an actual baby and to see them change their mind is one of the most rewarding parts of this job,” Ann said.

Another sonographer, Lori, told Morning Star that ultrasounds provide an important educational tool for pregnant women.

“Many women don’t know what to expect during their pregnancy. They don’t know all of the changes their body will undergo and the transformations and growth that will take place with their baby from week to week.

“These ultrasounds are a wonderful tool to not only show them a visual picture, but to empower them with the knowledge they need to understand what is happening throughout their pregnancy.”

Morning Star has been undergoing its own growth spurt. The busy pregnancy resource center offered 1,447 ultrasounds last year, up from 1,119 in 2018.

Incredibly, 575 pregnant women chose life for their babies in 2019, up an astounding 95 percent from 2017.

What many people fail to realize is how an ultrasound can also profoundly affect the father of a baby.

As sonographer Angie told Morning Star, “Let’s not forget the impact of the ultrasounds on the fathers of the babies. It is so important for the father of the baby to be at these appointments and to give the mother the support she needs.

“We always keep in mind that he is just as scared as she is, and when he sees the ultrasound and sees his baby for the first time, it is usually shock and disbelief…For the father, the ultrasound makes this real for him. It’s pretty emotional. Even the manliest man can cry when he sees his baby for the first time.”

This is why pregnancy support centers are such a gift. They promote communication between mother and father, and between the mother and her friends and family members. They aid in providing the circle of support a pregnant woman needs to provide the best possible environment for her child.

And the ultrasound is a high-tech gift that helps both mother and father see the humanity of their baby son or daughter.

No wonder the abortion industry fights so hard to prevent mothers from seeing ultrasounds of their babies. Just one look may be all it takes for a woman to opt out of abortion and to make a decision for LIFE.

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