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35 days until November 3rd. What do we know?

by | Sep 29, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Some thoughts a few hours before the first presidential debate between pro-life President Donald Trump and pro-abortion former vice president Joe Biden. As usual, we begin with quotes and headlines:

*“Over the last several weeks, the former vice president’s campaign has also requested two breaks — one every 30 minutes — to break up the 90-minute commercial-free program. But that request has been denied by their Trump counterparts, Fox News is told. A Trump campaign source told Fox News that ‘our guy doesn’t need breaks. He gives 90-minute speeches all the time’”Fox News’ Peter Doocy and Patrick Ward

*“One of President Trump’s most endearing qualities for social conservatives is his willingness to tell the truth about abortion. During a debate with Hillary Clinton in 2016, he didn’t hesitate to characterize the reality of the procedure when performed in late-term pregnancy: ‘If you go with what Hillary is saying, in the ninth month, you can rip the baby out of the womb of the mother just prior to the birth of the baby’”Rachel Bovard

*“The calculation Biden seems to be making is the same one Hillary Clinton made in 2016: Run up the numbers in Philadelphia and suburban collar counties, plus Allegheny County, and hope the rural vote remains unenthused. Certainly, those areas are more populated, but you never really know how many Alberts and Custers are out there that are going to show up …”Salena Zito

*“Those who value our First Amendment right to religious freedom should realize that tests about belief are attacks on religious liberty. And positioning dissenting Catholics as ‘mainstream Americans’ and believing Catholics as ‘extremists’—now a common and thoroughly dishonest culture war technique—is a particular affront to the free exercise of religion. It puts the rights of far more Americans at risk than will ever be nominated for the [Supreme] court”—Charles Chaput, “First Things


*“It is a bizarre thing. Our Constitution could not be clearer. I mean, first of all, the whole structure of the thing is built around universal human dignity as why we limit government. And the First Amendment has this big cluster of freedoms – speech, press, assembly, protest, and religion as the first one because none of the five make any sense or hold together if you don’t have all the others. And the Constitution explicitly says no religious test. And we’ve seen Democrats, I’ve been on the Judiciary Committee for three and a half years now. We’ve seen Democrats in each of the last four years attack nominees because of their religion”—Sen. Ben Sasse, appearing Monday on the “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

As pretty much everyone knows, even if they are not following the elections, there was considerable speculation whether Mr. Biden would participate in tonight’s debate. (I will lose several cups of coffee when Mr. Biden joins President Trump at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Incidentally, I did not know until this morning, there will actually be an audience, around 70 in number, according to CNN.) While there are two further debates scheduled, we will see whether Mr. Biden will continue to participate.

Again, since almost the entire Media Establishment is in the tank for Mr. Biden, we read and read and read about how vulnerable President Trump is going to be tonight. Supposedly, Mr. Biden’s lone weakness is his temper. 

If you believe that—this from a man who sought breaks during the 90 minute debate and whose schedule is so untaxing  that (at least up until Sunday) he had not slept any place other than his own bed—you will believe anything.

Salena Zito has provided some of the best campaign coverage, actually going all the way back to 2016. She is absolutely correct that Biden is counting on big turnouts in the urban areas and advantages in the suburbs to offset Mr. Trump’s advantage in smaller towns. The Biden campaign is doing so, even though it essentially has no door-to-door presence anywhere, a galactic gamble.

We have a separate post on Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett that I hope you will read. Pro-abortion Democrats are testing out new lines—new verbiage—to attack Judge Barrett’s  “devout Catholicism” (as reporters like to write) without being as transparent as pro-abortion Sen. Dianne Feinstein was in 2017 when she said of Judge Barrett, “the dogma lives loudly within you. And that’s of concern.” 

The nomination, of course, will come up tonight. The issue is whether moderator Chris Wallace, no fan of President Trump, allows Biden to refuse to answer whether he would support packing the Supreme Court with additional justices, a favorite idea of pro-abortion Democrats. Biden will evade the question—as he has done several times—and it’s up to Wallace not to allow him to wiggle free.

The debate begins 9pm EST.

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