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A further look at Florida, Latinos, and the presidential contest

by | Sep 9, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Well, wouldn’t you know it, another Reuters/Ipsos poll showing pro-abortion Joe Biden comfortably ahead of President Trump. You look at virtually every other poll, and the margin is decreasing, but no matter.

I read a response to one story (the story was critical of this bogus narrative illustrated by today’s poll) and it was brilliant. His point was, historically, the Democrat is always ahead in the early numbers, then the race “tightens,” then a poll like Reuters’ to persuade you that the Republican comeback (in this case the Trump resurgence) is a mirage, and then as we get very, very close to the election we “get a bunch of ‘it’s too close to call’” stories.

What do we actually know?

We talked yesterday about how the advantage Biden enjoyed in a particular county in Florida was much, much less than Hillary Clinton’s. It’s those kinds of breakthroughs, writ large, that will propel President Trump to re-election.

Then, today, another story about Florida by a genuine Trump hater.

So how is it that Marist has the state tied overall at 48 percent apiece? Simple: Trump is stealing votes from Biden’s base too. Four years ago he lost Latinos in Florida to Clinton by 27 points. Today? He’s up four. A 31-point turnaround!

We’ve been talking about this for two years. President Trump’s numbers with Latinos will be much improved over 2016, pivotal in a number of battleground states.

One other item that I’ll be writing about later this afternoon. The Mainstream Media” has long since tossed overboard any sense of fairness when covering President Trump. They want that ship sunk in the worst possible way.

Newsweek (a shell of its former self) has an op-ed offering some additional creative ways reporters and commentators can squeeze their anti-Trump biases into every nook and cranny of their stories.

Even five years ago, “Can ‘Metajournalism’ Save Old Media—and Unmask Trump? “ would have been unthinkable. More about that in a bit.

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