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Action Alert: Stop the Virginia Right-to-Abortion Amendment Action Center Launched

by | Sep 14, 2020

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL)

We have just added a section to our VSHL website to help you be able to join us in the fight against the Right-to-Abortion Amendment. A key part of what you can do to help us is to make sure your pro-life family, friends, fellow church members and civic organization members know what is happening and getting them involved.


Already on the website we have links to allow you to:

Sign and Share the online Petition to Oppose the Right-to-Abortion Amendment

Download and collect signatures with the paper petition opposing the Amendment

Put a Bumper Sticker on your car to oppose the Amendment

Download and share our flyer opposing the amendment:  

Color Version 
B & W Version

Watch and share our Video Ad opposing the Amendment

Listen and share our Radio Ad opposing the Amendment

Contact your Legislators via the VSHL Legislative Action Website

Donate to help VSHL’s advertising and other efforts to defeat the Amendment.


There is also information about what the Amendment would do and a frequently asked question section.

We plan on adding more information to the Action Center with additional information on the status of the Amendment, answers to more common questions, and new ways for you to be involved in the fight.


We know we can defeat this amendment if pro-life citizens across the commonwealth get involved in the fight to defeat this Amendment. 

Election Central

We also are planning on launching an election central very soon.  This Pro-life election central will have information on key election dates and key links like how to request an absentee ballot.  Additionally, it will have Candidate Guides to let you know how each of the candidates stands on important pro-life issues.

Look to your email box and our Facebook page for when this important election information tool is launched.

Yours for Life

Olivia Gans Turner, President

P.S. I am happy to announce that Delegate Kathy Byron, Leader of the Republican Caucus, will be joining us for our event.  She was the lead sponsor on the Woman’s Right-to-Know law that was unfortunately just repealed during the last session of the General Assembly.

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