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Casting our precious votes for an Administration that is rebuilding the culture of life

by | Sep 25, 2020

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

The message had come to me on Facebook. A young woman I’ll call Mia was facing challenges with her pregnancy. She ended up going in and out of the hospital as different medical crises arose. At one point, she was ordered to go on bed rest.

Mia’s mother-in-law and a group of her friends lent their prayer support. The next thing we knew, Mia had delivered a tiny girl at 27 weeks gestation. The baby weighed a little more than two pounds.

Round-the-clock care in the neonatal intensive care unit has been helping to keep the baby alive. The other day, the family reached a milestone, as the baby’s father was able to hold her, a baby I’ll call Deirdre, for the first time.

What struck Mia’s mother-in-law and her friends was the fact that, in other states, babies of the same age and development can be aborted. The baby is breathtakingly beautiful and is a tremendous gift to her family. No one should have the right to take the life of such an innocent little girl.

The members of this prayer group have begun praying for the elections. They know what is at stake—the lives of precious children in their mothers’ wombs. Preborn babies need the protection and support that the Trump Administration has offered, and has pledged to continue to expand upon, in a second term.

The cause of life should be the preeminent issue when casting our votes. Nothing is more important, for without life, we cannot enjoy the other rights we hold dear. A Biden-Harris Administration would be a grave threat to the pro-life gains we have made and would set the country onto the path of ruin.

In honor of babies like Deirdre, let us cast our precious votes for an Administration that is rebuilding the culture of life, rather than one that promises to topple it.

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