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Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the burial of the remains of 34 aborted babies discovered in a freezer in Elkton, Maryland

by | Sep 14, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

On Saturday,  pro-lifers commemorated the 8th annual National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children, an opportunity to honor our aborted brothers and sisters. As of last week, “there were 177 memorial services scheduled nationwide for the 2020 Day of Remembrance,” according to Lisa Bourne.

All such settings are profoundly solemn. How could they not be? Innocent children whose lives were brutally taken from them.

One prayer service that really hit  home to me took place at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Elkton, Md. “The  service commemorated the 10th anniversary of the burial of the remains of 34 aborted fetuses that were discovered in August 2010 in a freezer in an Elkton clinic,” The Dialog reported.

For those with long memories, this involved one of the most notorious abortionists in all of North America. Allow me to quote at length from The Dialog, then offer additional details.

The gruesome discovery was made after an 18-year-old woman was rushed to Union Hospital in Elkton following a botched procedure at the clinic, which was operated by Dr. Stephen Brigham. The woman, who was 21 weeks pregnant, was eventually treated for a ruptured uterus and injured bowel at Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore. Brigham and another doctor, Nicola Riley, drove the woman to Union Hospital in Elkton rather than call 911, and they refused to give their names to emergency department personnel.

Brigham had been conducting an abortion business that would begin with a procedure at a facility in New Jersey, then have the women drive to Maryland, which allowed second-trimester abortions.

A search of the clinic resulted in the discovery of 35 late-term fetuses. Brigham and Riley were arrested and charged with first- and second-degree murder. Murder charges against both were dropped because the state could not prove that the fetuses died in Maryland. Brigham was not licensed in Maryland, but his New Jersey medical license has since been revoked. Riley lost her Maryland license, but kept it in Utah.

Brigham started these late-late term abortions in New Jersey. In 2010, New Jersey law required abortions over 14 weeks to be performed in a hospital or ambulatory care facility. Brigham’s Voorhees, New Jersey clinic was not licensed as such a facility, and he lacked both hospital admitting privileges and obstetrical training in the state. But nearby Maryland had some of the most lax abortion laws in all the 50 states.

So Brigham told the women to drive themselves to Elkhorn, Maryland, where,  the following day, the now-dead baby was dismembered and removed, according to the Associated Press. Brigham did not have a Maryland license. 

We’ve written about Brigham a dozen times or more. He keeps getting his license in various states suspended, or taken away, and he fights to get them back. Not surprisingly, like others of his ilk (see Kermit Gosnell), Brigham sees himself as a “victim” of zealous pro-lifers and/or prosecutors.

They are not—contrary to Planned Parenthood—“outliers.” Think about what abortionists have to do and it shouldn’t surprise you the kind of men (they are mostly men) who are attracted.

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