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Debate scheduled announced. First presidential debate is September 29

by | Sep 2, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Remember four years ago when then-candidate Donald Trump debated Hillary Clinton? To this day, Clinton whines about how those three ninety minute debates (in different formats) went for her. Pro-lifers remember when Trump called Clinton out on abortion.

Moderator Chris Wallace, who will moderate this year’s first debate (see below), asked Clinton

I wanted to ask you Secretary Clinton, I want to explore how far you think the right to abortion goes. You have been quoted as saying that the fetus has no constitutional rights. You also voted against a ban on late-term partial birth abortions. Why?

Clinton gave her usual answer–that Roe allows for some “regulation,” provided there is an exception for “the health of the mother.” Of course, ever since 1973, the health exception has swallowed the rule as thoroughly as a python gulps down its supper.

To his great credit, Trump called her out:

Well I think it is terrible. If you go with what Hillary is saying, in the ninth month you can take [the] baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother just prior to the birth of the baby. Now, you can say that that is okay and Hillary can say that that is okay, but it’s not okay with me. Because based on what she is saying and based on where she’s going and where she’s been, you can take [the] baby and rip the baby out of the womb. In the ninth month. On the final day. And that’s not acceptable.

Which brings us today’s news from The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) which announced the schedule. There will be three debates between pro-life President Trump and pro-abortion former vice president Joe Biden on September 29, October 15, and October 22. 

There will be one vice presidential debate—on October 7—between pro-life Vice President Mike Pence and pro-abortion Sen. Kamala Harris.

Three quick thoughts.

One, Mr. Biden has insisted over and over that he will debate President Trump. But it is not unfair to observe Mr. Biden has not been on his game for months now and has avoided almost entirely speaking publicly. If you watched his remarks Monday, you know why. We’ll see what happens after the first debate at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

Two, and this comes as no surprise, two of the moderators would never be confused with Trump supporters. The third is generally thought of as much more objective (he works for C-SPAN). But fielding hostile questions will not be a new experience for President Trump.

Third, on the other hand, no one from CNN will moderate. Think back to the performances of Candy Crowley (in 2012) Anderson Cooper (in 2016). They were not journalism’s finest hour. 

Again—first debate, 90 minutes long, takes place Tuesday, September 29, from 9-10:30 pm ES.

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