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Pro-choicer: “convenience is a common reason for abortion”

by | Sep 28, 2020

From pro-choice, pro-abortion (in her own words) feminist Carolyn Hax:

Carolyn Hax

Admitting that convenience is a common justification for abortion makes some people squeamish …. It is critical that antiabortion zealots not be allowed to elevate the argument about abortion to one of life and death, with nothing in between. Why? Because what lies between are most abortions, which are seldom a matter of life and death….

We came of age as women in the eye of the abortion storm, a relative calm of acceptance during which millions of women learned to take abortion for granted, as a means to a lifestyle that would allow them to view sex as a pleasure and being single as a way of life – a lifestyle that allowed room for irresponsibility.

Even another friend of mine who balked at the thought of defending “abortions of convenience” admitted to having had unprotected sex, more than once, and taken it lightly. Spontaneous sex, brought to you by the safety net of abortion – shall I upgrade convenience to luxury? Other perks of abortion on demand include extended travel, higher education, unbroken career paths, choosing a different father, limiting family size…

To judge by the life choices we make, then, there are dozens of reasons for women to be pro-abortion…

None of this is to say my generation is of one mind or devoid of conscience on the subject. For all you know, I find abortion reprehensible under any circumstances – but even then, I’d be all for it. Because I don’t care if you are in high school or the fetus is unhealthy or it’s a boy and you want a girl. If you don’t want your baby, I don’t want your baby.

Carolyn Hax, “No Birth, no Pangs; for Many Young Women, Abortion is a Given.” The Washington Post Mar 21, 1993.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes  and is reposted with permission.

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