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14 days to go until November 3rd. What do we know?

by | Oct 20, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Imagine being part of the media advance guard for pro-abortion Joe Biden and you’re caught in this fix. The numbers, as measured by many but not all polls, show him ahead of pro-life President Donald Trump. But the margins in the crucial “battleground states” give every evidence of shrinking by the day. 

Having tossed aside any pretense at being non-partisan, you want to keep pro-Biden voters pumped, but neither over-confident nor scared, at the same time you are working overtime to depress turnout for President Trump. You’re walking a tricky balance beam here. One false step and, who knows, an inconvenient truth might come out: the President is closing in on your favorite son.

Here are our customary headlines which are particularly interesting—and encouraging—today and a few follow up comments.

*“The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 49% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Fifty percent (50%) disapprove”Rasmussen Reports

*“Trump campaign knocks one-millionth door in MinnesotaJudah Torgerud

*“President Donald Trump and Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden are statistically tied in Florida, a University of North Florida poll found. …The results represent a significant swing in Trump’s direction over the past few weeks. A UNF poll conducted two days after the first presidential debate showed Biden leading Trump by six percentage points — 51 percent to the president’s 45 percent”Breitbart News

*Voter registrations in Pennsylvania since June: 93,357 Democrats; 184,392 RepublicansSteve Kormacki

*”White evangelical Protestants are also the only religious group in which a majority (63%) say abortion is a critical issue, and it registers as their top issue. … Those who oppose the legality of abortion are significantly more likely that those who favor the legality of abortion to say it is a critical issue (57% vs. 22%, respectively)” – PRRI —Public Religion Research Institute

*”The Biden Protection Racket” Rich Lowry and

Earlier today, we posted a story deconstructing an op-ed piece whose author was attempting to guilt-trip Evangelicals into voting for the former vice president. In light of that, we posted some results from the Public Religion Research Institute  which is decidedly not pro-life. 

Buried in the results is a reassuring reminder and counter to the thrust of the op-ed: 63% of White Evangelical Protestants consider abortion to be their “top issue.” Equally important 57% of pro-lifers say abortion is a “critical issue” to only 22% of pro-abortionists. 

Regardless of what you read at AOL or the NY Times or WaPo, President Trump is gaining ground in the key states that will decide this election. Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes is the state everyone is focused on (along with Florida).

The Reuters-Ipsos opinion poll is no friend of President Trump but Mr. Biden’s margin has dropped from 7 points to 4 points in a single week. The importance of the following cannot be overstated: “A majority at 51 percent said the president would better handle the economy, while 42 percent said Biden would manage it better.”

[By the way, Steve Kormacki works for MSNBC. That he would give an honest report about the nearly 2-1 Republican advantage in voter registration in Pennsylvania since June is an enormous credit to him. No doubt his superiors were not happy.]

Here’s another crucial state. Rich Lowry interviewed Robert Cahaly, the lead pollster for the Trafalgar Group. Lowry writes, “As for Michigan, the Republican challenger John James is in a strong position to pull off an upset of Democratic incumbent [Senator] Gary Peters and is bringing voters to the polls who will vote for Trump. Cahaly says Trump is stronger among blacks and Latinos in Michigan than any Republican presidential candidate in a very long time, and James, who is black, is aiding Trump’s prospects there.”

And then there is Minnesota, my home state. Alpha News is a conservative alternative to the major pro-abortion, pro-Democrat newspaper in the state. Under the headline “Trump campaign knocks one-millionth door in Minnesota,” we read this from Minnesota GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan: The Trump ground game “includes more than four million direct voter contacts and a concentrated effort to turn out the vote.”

Of course you would expect the party chairwoman to speak glowingly about their efforts. But plenty of media sources adamantly in favor of Joe Biden have long since conceded that the Trump machine has far outworked its rival, which only recently began going door to door. 

As I’ve written for months, this virtual absence of grassroots mobilizing will be seen as the 2020 equivalent of Hillary Clinton neglecting to campaign in key Midwest states  which cost her the election in 2016.

One other item. Rich Lowry’s first few paragraphs read

Joe Biden is the most cosseted presidential candidate in memory.

He’s run a minimalist campaign that’s avoided the press as much as possible, while the press hasn’t been braying for more access and answers, but eager to avoid anything that could be discomfiting to the campaign.

Never before have the media been so openly fearful of asking or reporting something that might hurt a presidential candidate. What are supposed to be the animating values of our adversarial press — informing the public, getting answers, holding the powerful to account — have all been subordinated to the protection racket that is coverage of Joe Biden.

This will continue Thursday night with the moderator for the second and last presidential debate, who has a personal and family history of support for Democrats. They have also installed a mute button, which, of course, is intended not only to try to throw President Trump off his game, but make sure he doesn’t address Biden family scandals that the media elite are desperate to keep hidden away.

More tomorrow—and all the way up to November 3rd and beyond.

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