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27 days until November 3rd. What do we know?

by | Oct 7, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

As per usual, headlines and quotes, followed by background information to put them into  perspective. I believe you will find them most interesting.

*“Trump currently polls better on voter enthusiasm, with 59 percent of his voters in a survey earlier this month [September] saying they are enthusiastic for their candidate to win while only 43 percent of Biden voters say the same about theirs. At this time four years ago, the same Fox News poll showed that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton led Trump on enthusiasm metrics, 44 percent to 35 percent”Joe Concha

*“In addition to codifying Roe into law, which would require support from the U.S. Senate, Biden has also pledged to restore funding to Planned Parenthood and other providers that left the Title X program after the Trump administration’s so-called “gag order” on abortion. Last summer Biden also abandoned his support for the Hyde Amendment, a 1976 rule that prohibits the use of federal dollars from funding abortion services except in the cases of rape, incest or life-threatening circumstances”—Kate Smith

*“Donald J. Trump: Biden and Democrats just clarified the fact that they are fully in favor of (very) LATE TERM ABORTION, right up until the time of birth, and beyond – which would be execution. Biden even endorsed the Governor of Virginia, who stated this clearly for all to hear. GET OUT & VOTE!!!– @realDonaldTrump

*“Ari Fleischer : How can @LesterHoltNBC be party to this? This is a deceptive practice carried out by NBC. The media has changed and fallen from what they used to be–@AriFleischer


*“This takeaway from the [first presidential] debate misses the bigger point that Republicans and conservatives need to see: the Democrats are following a script and it’s completely at odds with reality. The existence and endless perpetuation of this script is why Trump was so aggressive, why Wallace was so defensive, and why Biden was mostly irrelevant. Overturning this script will be the key to winning this election and saving the country. 

“Each segment of the debate acted as a part of the script, starting with the first segment that was supposed to be about appointing a new U.S. Supreme Court justice. The Democrat script frames this constitutional and normal act as undemocratic and wrong. Biden said that Americans should vote this November and that next year’s senators and president should appoint a new justice.

“Trump immediately pointed out that a vote already happened four years prior and that this was his responsibility to those constituents. He added that his appointee, Amy Coney Barrett, is truly beyond reproach. This issue isn’t inherently controversial, except that Democrats insist on making it so. Then Biden refused to answer whether he would pack the court or not, indicating he probably would. Ignoring this and shushing Trump, Wallace moved on”August Meyrat

Let’s see what this—and more—tells us.

When most media outlets dare to touch the “enthusiasm gap,” it is either to tell us it won’t matter or that it is not enough to offset the advantage Biden enjoys in the polls. This is wrong on a colossal level. There is no groundswell of support for the former Vice President. President Trump’s rallies have been a celebration of support.

Consider this keen insight from Matt Meyer:

The fact is, the two core elements that truly matter in politics are the enthusiasm of supporters and the execution of your get-out-the-vote plan. The former helps you win, as enthusiasm turns out the vote and gives you the energy to get across the finish line. The latter is how you win. On those items, Trump is crushing Biden.

Kate Smith of CBS News is (how not to put this too harshly?) essentially a conduit for the Abortion Industry. Her piece this week read like a mild shot across the bow from the Planned Parenthoods and NARALs of this world. They’re telling Biden you’ve bought into everything we told you must accept but no matter how often you reiterate your support for unlimited abortion, we want you to be even more vocal. 

They understand, of course, that “codifying Roe” is code for an all-out assault on all abortion laws everywhere and that Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, co-sponsored the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act,” known to pro-lifers as the “Abortion Without Limits Until Birth Act.” But they want more!

President Trump called Biden (and other Democrats) out—“they are fully in favor of (very) LATE TERM ABORTION, right up until the time of birth, and beyond.” They are, and the Abortion Industry doesn’t want Biden to deflect the truth: they want him to embrace it.

The tweet from Ari Fleischer (about Lester Holt of NBC News)referenced a story that appeared at the Free Beacon headlined, “NBC News’ ‘Undecided’ Voters Previously Featured as Biden Supporters on MSNBC .” They were the least “undecided” voters you could imagine, but exactly whom you would want if you are hosting a love fest Town Hall meeting for Mr. Biden.

I ended with the long quote from August Meyrat because pro-life Vice President Mike Pence is debating pro-abortion Sen. Kamala Harris tonight in Utah. Will Susan Page have her thumb on the scale, favoring Harris, in the same way Chris Wallace did in behalf of Biden when he “moderated” the first presidential debate?

Here’s hoping not.

More tomorrow, beginning with what happened in the lone vice presidential debate.

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