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ABC: Biden ‘Stepping Things Up’ With Campaign Events (Fact Check: He Isn’t)

by | Oct 26, 2020

By Scott Whitlock 

Election day is just eight days away and Joe Biden is mostly taking Monday off. Only CBS This Morning seemed to find this odd, deeming it a “curiosity.” ABC and NBC didn’t seem bothered by the decision. ABC dishonestly described the Democrat as “stepping things up” with his campaign. At the time senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce said that, Biden had exactly ZERO events scheduled. 

On Good Morning America, Bruce spun: “Now this week, Trump is ramping up his already breakneck pace planning to visit nearly a dozen states including holding 11 rallies in just the last 48 hours. Joe Biden is also stepping things up. He’s planning to hit six key battleground states.” 

Stepping things up? Not on Monday. At the time Bruce made the comment, 7:12 AM, Biden had NO events scheduled. By midday, the campaign had set up a “local stop” in home state Wilmington, Delaware. That’s it. 

On CBS This Morning, perplexed co-host Tony Dokoupil wondered, “Somewhat of a curiosity this morning is Joe Biden is not on the campaign trail even as his competitor, Donald Trump, is all over the place. What are we to read into that fact?” (Where have journalists been on this? Biden has been repeatedly calling a lid on his day, often before 10 AM.) 

Reporter Ed O’Keefe tried to explain: “He is off the trail today. Look, it seems that he’s going out two, three times a week and skipping a day in between. They continue to insist that they can hold virtual events, that he can do this and still reach voters.” 

O’Keefe then added that this strategy will either be brilliant or a disaster: 

I don’t think we’re really going to get a good measure on whether or not that worked of course until we have results. It either will have been a brilliant play, an adaptive move to the pandemic era, or it’s going to prove to be one of the biggest missed opportunities in American politics that he wasn’t out and about. 

On NBC’s Today, Savannah Guthrie neutrally mentioned the leisurely pace of the Biden campaign: “Joe Biden is off the trail today, but planning his own blitz starting in Georgia tomorrow.” 

Credit to NBC, at least, for highlighting the latest Biden gaffe. The Democrat appeared to confuse Trump for George W. Bush, the 2004 Republican nominee. 

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