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Final vote on the confirmation of Judge Barrett to the Supreme Court expected on Monday

by | Oct 21, 2020

New poll finds 51% of registered voters say she should be confirmed to 28% who say she should not

By Dave Andrusko

On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sent out the following tweet:

According to USA Today, at his weekly news conference yesterday, Sen. McConnell said the Senate will take up Judge Barrett’s confirmation on Friday. Sen. McConnell also said the Senate would be in session over the weekend.

“We’ll be voting to confirm justice-to-be Barrett next Monday,” Sen. McConnell said. “And I think that will be another signature accomplishment in our effort to put on the courts, the federal courts, men and women who believe in a quaint notion that maybe the job of a judge is to actually follow the law.”

A very new poll conducted October 16-18 by Morning Consult found that 51% of registered voters support her confirmation to only 28% who opposed—a 23 point margin. Here’s how the polling firm explained its findings:

Following four days of hearings, 51 percent of voters said the Senate should vote to confirm Barrett to the Supreme Court, up 3 percentage points from the week before and an increase of 14 points since Trump announced her nomination on Sept. 26. It’s a higher level of support than Morning Consult measured at any time during the confirmation processes for Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh — the two other jurists Trump has tapped for the high court during his presidency.

Meanwhile, Gallup reported on Tuesday, “51% in U.S. Want Amy Coney Barrett Seated on Supreme Court.” Its survey was conducted between September 30 and Oct. 15 and  “began four days after Trump officially nominated the 48-year-old federal appeals court judge,” Megan Brenan wrote. 

Partisan Democrat opposition of Judge Barrett was very high, but, as Gallup noted, “Independents’ 52% support for Barrett’s confirmation is identical to what it was for the woman who she would be replacing, [Justice Ruth Bader] Ginsburg.” 

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