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Have you been enjoying the October edition of National Right to Life News?

by | Oct 16, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

When you write for a living, you love hearing from readers. With a pro-life audience, you expect generosity, but they also are happy to share with me what they want to see more (or less)of. If you haven’t been reading the 44-page edition, I hope you start today. Write me with your thoughts at

This is the second-to-the-last issue prior to the November 3rd General Election. So you would expect a heavy emphasis on pro-life President Donald Trump versus pro-abortion former Vice President Joe Biden.

Our coverage begins on page one with “21 days until November 3. What do we know? A great deal!” That 21 days is now 18 days. Be sure to read our daily coverage at

NRL President Carol Tobias reaches back into history—1948 to be exact—in her “A Battle for the Soul of America.” The parallels to the Harry Truman/Thomas Dewey election are uncanny. It’s a great read and a marvelous source of inspiration. 

You’ll find other related stories all through the pages of the October digital edition of “the pro-life newspaper of record,” including “US Bishops ‘give priority to upholding and defending our brothers’ and sisters’ most basic right—to live’” on page nine.

Ryan Bomberger provides a terrific critique—“The pro-abortion left attacks adoption”—on page 5.

We have story after story of how the Trump administration has kept its promises to the pro-life community, including “Protecting Premature Babies and Abortion Survivors” on page 10.

The hearings on the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett started the morning the October issue came out. As we wrote in NRL News Today yesterday, “The Senate Judiciary Committee formally set a panel vote on the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court for October 22.” She is a marvelously capable jurist.

There is a wide variety of other stories of interest. Everything from An Amazing Video of a Living, First Trimester Unborn Baby to Chrissy Teigen’s tragic loss of  baby boy late in pregnancy to Dr. Randall K O’Bannon’s look back on the 20th anniversary of the FDA’s approval of the Abortion Pill.

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