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Judge Amy Coney Barrett now Justice Barrett

by | Oct 27, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

The United States Senate last night confirmed Judge Amy Coney Barrett to be an associate justice of the Supreme Court, succeeded the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Barrett’s confirmation is a tribute most of all to President Donald Trump who kept his promise—as he has all the promises within his ability to do so—to nominate judges who believe (in the words of now Justice Barrett) that “Judges are not policymakers and they must be resolute in setting aside any policy views they might hold.”

All those who treasure the Constitution are also deeply indebted to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Democrats and their legion of media enablers bashed him unmercifully for moving Judge Barrett’s nomination forward. He never blinked. 

Just as he never blinked in 2017 when the media mob and Senate Democrats unleashed an attack on Brett Kavanaugh that made what Justice Clarence Thomas described as a “high tech lynching” against his nomination  look like a friendly game of touch football.

It is deeply symbolic—and appropriate—that Justice Thomas will administer one of the two official oaths that Judge Barrett will take.

Also deserving of deep appreciation is Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who masterfully conducted four days of public hearings, and who then batted aside multiple attempts by Senate Democrats to obstruct committee approval of Barrett’s nomination.

The debt of gratitude extends as well to the Republican Party.  Only one Republican voted against Judge Barrett’s confirmation. While the Democrats have richly and deservedly earned the title of “The Party of Death,” Republicans have stood tall against a hurricane of media attacks.

As Majority Leader McConnell wrote today, “This will be the third Supreme Court confirmation in the past four years, meaning your Republican-controlled Senate will have impacted the court for generations to come.”

Democrats, try as they might, could not lay a glove on Justice Barrett.

For example, using a media ally, Democrats tried recycling (or as The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway wrote) “laundering their (admittedly weak) anti-religious smear of Amy Coney Barrett through Emma Brown, the same reporter they used to launch their massive and media-coordinated anti-Kavanaugh operation that so many Americans found so despicable.”

There were other lines of attack. But the allegations were so preposterous, so obviously out of character with a woman of incredible accomplishments, they were like bombs without firing pins.

After all, sometimes there are items that “everyone knows.”  In this case, Justice Barrett’s credentials as a judge and professor “are unsurpassed,” as President Trump said in nominating her. You could say the same for her as a wife and mother. 

Congratulations to Justice Barrett and her family and her countless supporters.

And congratulations to all those millions of Americans (like the readers of this post) who took the President at his word.

It is up to them to show their gratitude to the President and his party.

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