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NRL News Today looks back at where we were 4 days prior to the 2016 presidential election

by | Oct 30, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

As we have for two weeks, today we are re-posting and/or updating a story that ran in NRL News Today the equivalent number of days prior to the 2016 elections—in this case November 4 — to give you a sense of where we were then and where we are today.

Four years ago we ran a story by NRL President Carol Tobias titled, “Appreciating the enormity of what is at stake next Tuesday.” Today, let me offer what Mrs. Tobias wrote that appears in the Special Election Issue of NRL News which arrived in your email boxes today.

Thank you, Pro-Life President Trump

By Carol Tobias, President

NRLC President
Carol Tobias

I recently read an article in NRL News Today explaining how Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar, representing the United States, had signed the Geneva Consensus Declaration along with 31 other countries. This document asserts that there is “no international right to abortion.” It also reaffirms the inherent “dignity and worth of the human person” and that “every human being has the inherent right to life.” 

In addition, the Declaration, which the United States co-sponsored, affirms that “in no case should abortion be promoted as a method of family planning” and that governments have the sovereign right to make their own laws to protect innocent life and write their own regulations on abortion.

This is an incredible coalition, pulled together by the Trump administration, to tell the United Nations to get out of the abortion business.

I was SO proud of my country, not just for taking a stand against the UN’s never-ending attempts to foist abortion on small, struggling countries, but also for bringing together a coalition of countries to create a stronger, united front against what critics call a new form of colonialism.

Reading the account, and the language of the document itself, it hit me once again. If Joe Biden is elected president, everything Donald Trump and his administration have done in the past four years to thwart pro-abortion international agencies will be gone.  

Efforts to protect unborn children in other countries– i.e., the above-mentioned Geneva Consensus Declaration, the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance policy (the revised and expanded Mexico City Policy), and the withholding of funds from the United Nations Population Fund– will not just be reversed.  U.S. funds will start flowing into UN coffers and pro-abortion NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to introduce, fortify, and multiply abortion programs around the world.

But much is at stake here at home. Conscience protections have been written into various laws so that medical personnel cannot be forced to participate in abortions, assisted suicide, or other objectionable practices. If those protective laws are not repealed outright, they will be unenforced, as we saw happen during the Obama administration.

Tax dollars will again flow to Planned Parenthood through the Title X Family Planning program.  Research on tissue from aborted babies will again be promoted. 

The abortion industry is already asking the Food and Drug Administration to remove the Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategy (REMS) placed on the drug mifepristone, part of the two-drug “medication abortion” technique. This would allow abortion pills to be sent through the mail, directly into someone’s home. 

I have no doubt that if President Biden (or President Harris) is in the White House, the FDA will pave the way for easy access to the pills that not only kill unborn children but the use of which (as the FDA has documented) has been associated with a large number of deaths and injuries among pregnant women.

The pro-life advances made by the Trump administration are almost innumerable.  Having a pro-life Executive branch and a pro-life United State Senate has made House Speaker Nancy Pelosi effectively powerless when it came to advancing a pro-abortion agenda.  However, it is possible to lose everything on November 3.  We could end up next year with President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer.

That prospect motivates us to get more people to the polls to vote on Tuesday so that we celebrate  greater opportunities for protecting unborn children.

I am optimistic, and I hope you are, too.  We listen to naysayers  but we never allow their pessimism to thwart our energy and our devotion. I think we will do better than expected on Tuesday as many of our candidates, including President Trump, come through victorious.

Whatever happens, we will never give up, we will never give in.  Future generations are counting on us.

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