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NRL News Today looks back at where we were 6 days prior to the 2016 presidential election

by | Oct 28, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

As we have for going on two weeks, each day we are re-posting and/or updating a story that ran in NRL News Today the equivalent number of days prior to the 2016 elections—in this case November 2, 2016 — to give you a sense of where we were then and where we are today.

The headline for that story four years could not possibly be more timely or apropos today: “Clinton election would empower and embolden the most radical pro-abortionists.” Another post that ran November 2, 2016 discussed how Mr. Trump was winning the enthusiasm battle.

In that first story, I wrote about how Mrs. Clinton’s was [still is?] the nexus for the Abortion community both at home and—this is very important—internationally. One of the many accomplishments of the Trump Administration is its foursquare, unyielding opposition to expanding the “right” to abortion across the world and to allowing American dollars to underwrite it.

In the second story that ran six days before the November 8, 2016, election, we discussed how Mr. Trump had closed much of the gap—just as he has in 2020—and that 6% more people who described themselves as “very enthusiastic” for Mr. Trump than Mrs. Clinton. I don’t have a current figure for “very enthusiastic,” but the grassroots organic (as I describe it) enthusiasm for President Trump is a 100 fold larger than anything former vice president Biden enjoys. (See “Six days until November 3rd. What do we know?”)

Be sure to vote on or before November 3rd. Regardless of the media propaganda, this election will be decided by a tiny percentage.

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