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Planned Parenthood to Postabortion Men – “Tough Luck”

by | Oct 12, 2020

By Sarah Terzo

From an aborted father:

“One evening she told me in two simple words, “It’s done.” Despite the fact that I would have raised the child with or without her, I couldn’t choose to be a father. I don’t think a single day has passed where I’ve prayed and I’ve cried about it, but nothing is going to change. The one thing that I thought would become the greatest joy in life has become the greatest pain. It hurts more than words could ever describe. I feel empty – as if a part of me is missing. And I felt helpless – because there was nothing I could do about it – because she went and had the abortion without me, even knowing that I wanted to be there for this child.”

Adam’s testimony,


In an article in Time Magazine, a Planned Parenthood official sums up the views of the organization on men and abortion:

“But it doesn’t matter how much men scream and holler that they are being left out [of the abortion decision]. There are some things that they are never going to be able to experience fully. I say, tough luck.”

Louise Taylor, Vice president of Medical Affairs at Planned Parenthood.

From John Leo, “Sharing the Pain of Abortion” Time Magazine, September  26, 1983, p.78.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.

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