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Support for Judge Barrett’s confirmation continues to grow as Judiciary Committee vote set for next Thursday

by | Oct 15, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Earlier today, the Senate Judiciary Committee formally set a panel vote on the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court for October 22. 

Bless Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s generous heart and her incredible patience. Were I the object of the awful accusations hurled at her by lightweights such as Sens. Harris and Hirono, as she was for three day, I would have snapped back. Not Judge Barrett. It was like throwing spitballs at a battleship.

Some interesting numbers from Morning Consult yesterday. In a survey conducted October 9-October 11, support for confirmation of Judge Barrett is now 17 points higher than those who say the Senate should not confirm Judge Barrett–48% to 31%–up two points from last week. 

Under the headline “Bulk of Voters Continue to Back Barrett’s Supreme Court Confirmation,” Cameron Easley writes

The level of support for Barrett’s nomination, an increase of 11 points since President Donald Trump announced her nomination on Sept. 26, also compares favorably with public sentiment toward Justice Brett Kavanaugh prior to the first day of his confirmation hearings in September 2018. At that time, 37 percent of voters said the Senate should vote to confirm Kavanaugh to the court, compared with 29 percent who said it should vote to deny his nomination.

In addition, Easley writes,

By an 8-point margin, voters say that the Senate should vote on Barrett’s nomination as soon as possible, rather than wait to see if the president can defeat Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Election Day. 

That even includes 23% of Democrats.

By the way, if you want insight into how Judge Barrett’s law clerks on t he 7th Circuit view her, go to

The subhead says it all: “Those who have spoken out describe Barrett as a hardworking but caring boss who welcomes diverse views.”

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