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Adoption: giving a sense of permanence to children whose lives have been unsettled

by | Nov 9, 2020

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Editor’s note. November is National Adoption Month. We will be publishing new stories, such as the following, and previously published posts that were particularly well received. 

I could see the pain in her eyes, every time she talked about her struggle with infertility. A sweet, caring, gentle soul, I also knew in my heart she was destined to become a mother.

During this National Adoption Month, I think of my courageous friend, who, with the help of adoption, is now called “Mom.” Her journey began as a foster mother, tending to the emotional wounds of a child who had shouldered her share of losses. But with understanding, compassion, and an abundance of love, she gave that little girl a ray of sunshine to hold onto. Now that girl is a permanent part of my friend’s family.

Life is not without its struggles, and that is true of adoptive families. But love can conquer a host of hurdles, giving a sense of permanence to children whose lives have been unsettled.

I recall vividly the day the court finalized the adoption of my friend’s daughter. My friend’s social media feed was filled with photos of her newly-formed family. The birth of this new family brought joy to my heart.

During this National Adoption Month, let us celebrate the families that have taken on the challenge of bringing stability into a child’s life. Let us honor these brave adoptive mothers and fathers, who valiantly triumphed over a myriad of obstacles to form their families.

Let us also share on social media the beauty of adoption as an alternative to the ugly violence of abortion. Let us also support those courageous birth mothers who selflessly choose an adoption plan for their children.

Our nation is a better place because of adoption. Let us redouble our efforts to streamline laws and bureaucracies to promote adoption and the bountiful blessings it brings. Through adoption, we are increasing the amount of love in our country, one family at a time.        

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