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Are you enjoying the Post-election issue of NRL News?

by | Nov 16, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

It took us just two days to pull it together, and last Friday morning we posted the NRL News post-election issue which arrived in your email boxes within minutes.  I hope you agree that reading the issue cover to cover is proving to be very much worth your while.

Thomas Edison once said, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

With that in mind, of course, there was all the latest on President Trump’s steadfast refusal to bow down to pressure from Joe Biden and his cohort of media allies to concede. We have updated that story this morning which you can read here.

To be perfectly clear, it’s an uphill fight for our pro-life President. As Tom Wrobleski wrote, “It’s a very high bar for the president. But he deserves his day in court. There’s still plenty of time until the electors meet in their respective states to cast ballots. And plenty of time until the results must be certified by the next Congress. Inauguration Day is more than two months away.” 

It’s worth remembering that in 2000, Al Gore fought the outcome for 37 days.

What about the pivotal run-off elections in Georgia? We have three separate stories on the two Senate runoff elections in Georgia. 

A runoff is called for under Georgia law if no candidate reaches 50%.  Pro-life incumbent David Perdue (R), first elected in 2014, received 49.7% of the vote. Sen. Perdue will square off against pro-abortion Democrat Jon Ossoff who garnered 47.9%.

Pro-life Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R) will meet the pro-abortion Democrat, Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock, in the second run-off election. Sen. Loeffler was appointed in 2019 to succeed pro-life Sen. Johnny Isakson who retired because of health issues. 

This second runoff was no surprise. There were 21 candidates competing, making it very difficult for any single candidate to reach 50%.

Republicans have 50 Senators. There are 48 Senate Democrats. They are counting on winning both to reach parity with Senate Republicans. 

Should each party have 50 senators, the tie-breaking vote is cast by the President of the Senate—the Vice President.

There is much more in this issue, beginning with NRLC President Carol Tobias’ inspiring column. Please, by all means, go to page three!

And what could be more uplifting than the assurance that there are 17 new pro-life Republican women who will be entering the House next January? (See page four.) Two other races are too close to call! Or how NRL’s political action committees overcame the countless millions spent by the pro-abortion juggernaut EMILY’s List (See page seven.)

Then there is the wave of pro-life Republicans who won statehouse races (page nine) and the impact of the pro-life increment (page eight).

Please take some time out today and during the week to read the entire 33-page edition and pass it along to pro-life family and friends.

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