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Guess what speech won’t be free in a Joe Biden administration?

by | Nov 13, 2020

 By Dave Andrusko

We’ve run posts previously which give us fair warning where a pro-abortion  President Joe Biden would take us. We have two more today which in many respects complement one another.

The first is built upon what Alexander Hall describes as “Biden Campaign Website Promises Internet Censorship Taskforce.” The second is taken from a powerful speech delivered yesterday by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. 

POLITICO, no friend of the Justice or conservative jurisprudence in general, captured one key element of his address to the Federalist Society in its subhead: “The Supreme Court justice warned that not only is freedom of belief under threat, but freedom of expression is as well.” More about this in our second, related post.

In general (there are exceptions), Big Tech is intensely hostile to pro-life and conservative viewpoints. They have a real friend in Joe Biden and his chief of staff, Ron Klain. described him this way: “[I]nside the tech world, Klain is regarded as a keen-eyed startup investor who has bridged the often expansive gap between tech and politics, advising dozens of tech companies both inside and outside of Democratic circles”] Aka, Klain is a big-time lobbyist.

As Tucker Carlson said last night, his long and close ties to Biden is

not why he got the job. Ron Klain is also a lobbyist for Big Tech. Four years ago, he joined the executive council of Silicon Valley’s lobbying arm in Washington. 

As Alexander Hall pointed out in his piece for Newsbusters

Former Vice President Joe Biden has said that he “plans to convene a task force to create best practices for containing online harassment, which disproportionately affects women and young people,” CNBC summarized in a Nov. 10 report. 

Sound innocuous, even praiseworthy, right?

CNBC’s reporting consulted multiple experts who eagerly anticipate a new wave of censorship to wipe out their political enemies. …

“We know these platforms are consistently the source of online harassment and threats to women, and there’s a connection to extremist consequences,” Vanderbilt University professor of psychology and human development Lisa Fazio commented to CNBC, with zero skepticism about the implications towards free speech.

The Biden-Harris campaign website explained that the task force will combine the power of many elite institutions if he wins the presidency, including: “federal agencies, state leaders, advocates, law enforcement, and technology experts.” 

Consider all the censorship that took place over the past year—where, as Carlson aptly described it, they “shutdown one side [pro-Trump], protected  the other” [Joe Biden] from the least amount of critical scrutiny imaginable.

All of us need to pay the closest attention to the Biden/Kamala Harris administration. They hate us, and are not the least bit reluctant to use every tool possible to stifle our voices.

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