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Louisiana Right to Life Ecstatic Over Passage of Love Life Amendment to State Constitution

by | Nov 4, 2020

NEW ORLEANS – Louisiana voters approved Amendment #1, assuring that our current pro-life laws are protected and that state judges cannot “find” a right to abortion or the funding of abortion in the Louisiana Constitution.

Known as the Love Life Amendment, Amendment #1 keeps abortion out of the state Constitution and makes sure all policy making remains in the hands of duly elected state legislators. Judges in 13 other states, including Kansas in 2019, found that various pro-life laws unconstitutionally infringed on individual rights, but thanks to the voters of Louisiana, that will not happen here.

Louisiana Right to Life led the push for the amendment’s passage through the Louisiana Pro-Life Amendment Coalition, a team of Louisiana citizens and organizations. State Rep. Katrina Jackson (D-Monroe) and state Sen. Beth Mizell (R-Franklinton) were authors of the amendment resolution, which was overwhelmingly supported by both chambers of the Louisiana Legislature as well as Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life, along with members of the Louisiana Right to Life team watched anxiously as election returns rolled in once the polls closed. The team was ecstatic over the outcome, which confirmed to the nation that Louisiana is a strong pro-life state.

“Louisiana has overwhelmingly passed the Love Life Amendment and shown its love for mothers and babies!,” Clapper said.

“With the passage of this amendment, our citizens have mandated that state judges can never use our Constitution to enshrine abortion or the taxpayer funding of abortion in Louisiana. We the people, through our legislators, can pass laws defending life without the intervention of judges.

“We encourage other states to pass their own version of the Love Life Amendment. For too long, activist judges around the nation have usurped the power of state legislatures and declared a right to abortion-on-demand. It’s time we changed this in every state across America.

“We look forward to the day Roe v. Wade is overturned and Louisiana can once again protect all our citizens, including those waiting to be born. Moving forward, the pro-life movement will continue to support mothers and babies and work toward a day when every child is protected by law and welcomed with love in our nation.”

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