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Planned Parenthood throws its weight behind pro-abortion Raphael Warnock

by | Nov 19, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Yesterday we posted a story about the Rev. Raphael Warnock, an abortion warrior, who faces pro-life Senator Kelly Loeffler in one of the two Senate runoff races in Georgia that will determine whether Republicans maintain control of the Senate. In addition to Loeffler versus Warnock, the other crucial contest features pro-life Senator David Perdue versus pro-abortion Jon Ossoff.

For now, Rev. Warnock is receiving more attention, partly because of his out of the mainstream views on other issues. But he is right in the mainstream of a Democrat party that believes there can never be enough abortions and that no regulation that reins in abortion in the slightest can ever be tolerated.

Who would know better about Rev. Warnock’s commitment to abortion than the political arm of Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood Action Fund? It threw its muscle behind the pastor of Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church in a crowded field of 21-candidates that competed in a November special election to fill out the remaining two years of Sen. Johnny Isakson’s term, who retired because of health concerns.

According to Greg Bluestein of the Atlantic Journal Constitution

Staci Fox, the head of Planned Parenthood’s Atlanta-based chapter, called Warnock a “dedicated champion” who will fight new abortion restrictions in the U.S. Senate. …

Warnock, who worked as a sexual health educator before joining the clergy, has long been a vocal supporter of abortion rights. 

Bluestein went on to quote Dr. Ginger Davis Floyd, a former state health official, who said

“From first-hand experience, I know he is a tremendous advocate for women’s health, contraceptive access, and the pro-choice movement,” she said.

Pro-lifers don’t need to be reminded what is at stake. Democrats control the House, albeit by a much smaller margin, and pro-life President Trump is battling to win a second term. 

If the Democrats were to win both runoff elections in Georgia, there would be a 50-50 tie, a deadlock that would be decided by the President of the Senate: the Vice President.

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