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Post-abortive woman writes of the need for Godly discernment and “respect for the life inside you that started at conception”

by | Nov 2, 2020

By Holly Gatling, Executive Director, South Carolina Citizens for Life

Editor’s note. This in the special October edition of National Right to Life News on page 16. Please share the entire contents of  this edition with your pro-life family and friend.

Receiving anonymous letters addressed to the South Carolina Citizens for Life office usually is not a pleasant experience. 

One postcard I keep tacked to the bulletin board begins, “I am really disgusted at the constant commercial concerning abortion ‘dismemberment’. Who wants to keep hearing those words while trying to relax in the evening?” 

She (or maybe he) goes on and on bashing the South in tiny cursive writing, a veritable Russian novel on a 4×5 postcard. 

Recently, however, we received a very different kind of anonymous letter, one that contained a $100 bill and a testimonial from a woman suffering for years from her past abortions. 

Permit me to share salient parts of this beautiful letter with the readers of National Right to Life News. It is the best way I can think of to honor this wonderful person and her desire to spread her pro-life message far and wide by unusual means.

First, she writes a cover page to the letter assuring us we have her permission to “read it, use it, copy it, give it to a struggling woman or even throw it away if you chose.” 

No way will I every throw away this treasure of a letter.

She makes it very clear why she is writing anonymously. “I am not someone who can give speeches so my hope is to shed light on a relatable subject to a struggling woman being confronted with a difficult choice.” Her ultimate goal is to influence any woman contemplating abortion to choose life for her baby.

The writer had two abortions in her youth in the 1970s when, she writes, abortion “truly was considered a non-issue morally and ethically. An abortion was an easy, convenient and affordable answer to my condition.” 

After describing a teen marriage that ended in divorce, the writer goes on to describe her descent into a dissolute lifestyle. “I broke almost every single one of God’s commandments … including murder. Writing that word, to this day, makes my face flush with shame and my stomach ache with sorrow.” 

Ultimately, the writer says, “I found a Savior in Jesus Christ who not only forgives but forgets. Unfortunately, because I am not Him, I cannot forget.”  And that is why she hopes her letter will reach others who might hear her story and make a different decision for the child within. 

“God only knows who might be growing in you,” she says. “All the great leaders and visionaries had a mom. All the average people who maybe weren’t famous but enhanced the world just by being average, they too had a mom. All the people that developed cures or invented new technology, they had to have a mom.”

She ends the letter with an eloquent plea. “Please consider your choice and I will be praying for all women to choose love, Godly discernment, and respect for the life inside you that started at conception.” 

She signed the letter “Walking in His Footsteps, A Friend for Life.”

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