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Pro-abortion Democrats took a pounding in the states

by | Nov 11, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Understandably, the fallout from the November 3rd General Elections has focused on the presidency and Congress. We’ve reported on both extensively at NRL News Today and will do so even more so in the November digital edition of National Right to Life News which drops Friday morning.  

(Preview. Republicans hold 50 seats in the Senate ahead of the two special elections in Georgia; have gained a number of seats in the House of Representatives; and at least 16 new pro-life Republican women are headed to the U.S. House and one new pro-life Republican woman will join the U.S. Senate.)

While we’ve posted the responses from many NRL affiliates whose states fared especially well, more needs to be said about the outstanding results in the statehouses, the political hothouses from which many-to-most congressional candidates come.

Here’s an early headline from the pro-abortion-to-the-brim New York Times: “Democrats’ ‘Blue Wave’ Crashed in Statehouses Across the Country: Democrats failed to flip chambers in Texas, North Carolina, Iowa, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Republicans flipped New Hampshire’s Legislature.”

The metaphor of the “blue wave” was supposed to apply to both Congress (pro-abortion Democrats were speculating they’d make double digit gains) and to statehouses as well. 

Coming into Election Day 2020, Democrats had high hopes of making inroads in the nation’s state legislatures” is the way Louis Jacobson of US News put it.

Instead, as Holly Gatling, the executive director of South Carolina Citizens for Life told NRL News Today, pro-abortion Democrats drowned in a “red tsunami” in her state.

Then there is this most revealing opening paragraph from the Missoula Current:

Last week, Montana voters gave the GOP unified control of state government, electing a Republican to the governor’s office for the first time in 16 years, Republican candidates to all statewide offices, and expanding GOP majorities in the state House and Senate.

Remember, most of the action takes place in the states, in which pro-life Republicans have produced many protective laws. Here’s the gloomy outlook (gloomy for the Washington Post):

Democrats failed to pick up any state legislative chambers this November, and they could face the consequences of that for the next decade.

That’s because next year, states will redraw electoral maps for congressional and state legislative districts. It’s something the Constitution mandates every decade based on new census data.

In many states, it’s up to politicians in state legislatures to do that. Republicans controlled the mapmaking process in most states after a stellar 2010 election and were able to draw state and congressional districts that made it harder for Democrats to regain power at all levels. After a stronger-than-expected performance this November, Republicans will control map drawing in a majority of chambers next year, too, although to a slightly lesser degree.

As David Abrams, deputy executive director of the Republican State Leadership Committee, told the New York Times’ Sabrina Tavernise, “Democrats spent hundreds of millions of dollars to flip state chambers. So far, they don’t have a damn thing to show for it.”

Then there is this insight from Philip Elliott, writing for TIME magazine:

Final tallies are still coming in, so the full picture of Democrats’ drubbing isn’t yet clear. But after millions of dollars — and unprecedented attention — to get back in control of redistricting, the outcome is clearly disappointing to a party that started at a disadvantage. In terms of raw numbers, Democrats had only 5% fewer seats in state legislatures than Republicans. But those 384 seats were in the right spots that allowed Republicans to control 55 of the 99 state legislative chambers in the country.

A final thought. There are occasional passing references to how the Democrats’ “messaging” was bad—okay, disastrous. But only in places such as National Right to Life News Today and the monthly NRL News do you read about how the Democrats’ militant, pedal to the metal embrace of abortion on demand paid for by an unwilling public cost them in competitive race after competitive race.

Stay tuned. 

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