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Pro-life South Dakota Gov. pushes back against aggressive attack by pro-abortion Democrat George Stephanopoulos

by | Nov 9, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

I’d be fibbing if I didn’t acknowledge upfront how much I admire pro-life Republicans who refuse to be browbeaten and/or intimidated by pro-abortion Democrat partisan hacks masquerading as “hosts” for news programs. (You would think colleagues might raise an eyebrow when a former Bill Clinton White House Communications Director  unabashedly pushes the Democrat agenda and bashes any Republican who dares to disagree–but they never do.)

Speaking of which, yesterday George Stephanopoulos, host of ABC News’This Week” and pro-life South Dakota’s Republican Governor Kristi Noem went toe to toe. I watched their exchange after reading Kristine Marsh’s post at Newsbusters headlined, “Gov. Noem Pushes Back Against Hostile Stephanopoulos As He Badgers Her Over Election Results.”

(The headline doesn’t mention the back and forth over how her state has handled the Covid-19 pandemic. But to have Stephanopoulos grill Gov. Noem, after giving pro-abortion  New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo a free pass on the way he has handled his state’s response, was nothing short of embarrassingly one-sided and fact-free.)

But Gov. Noem was not about to lectured by Stephanopoulos about anything, specifically how  President Trump should just meekly accept the election “results” which President Trump believes were tainted (to put it mildly). She was as under control and polite as Stephanopoulos was impolite and out of control.

Marsh writes.

Noem ended her argument saying that if Biden wanted to unite the country, he would make sure we had an honest election. The ABC anchor then went on to badger Noem, lecturing her that the numbers weren’t as close as the 2000 election.

But Noem again called out the media’s bias in their election coverage and explained why this election process was so important:

“…[A]nd that’s what I think is interesting is this declaration from some individuals saying it was an overwhelming victory for Joe Biden. It simply wasn’t because you have so many of these states still in play. All I’m asking for, George, is that we don’t break this country. When you break the process on which we elect our leaders you will break America forever so this isn’t just about this election. This is about every election in the future

and the fact that the American people, the everyday people who get up and work hard that are suffering through this pandemic that have tragically lost family members, that they need to know at least America still functions and we care about doing things right. ”

You can watch their exchange here

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