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THANK YOU! Texas just got more PRO-LIFE!

by | Nov 9, 2020

By Texas Right to Life

Thank you! Because of you, Texas is now even more PRO-LIFE!

Pro-abortion Democrats from all over the country poured hundreds of millions of dollars into Texas to turn our state blue. Instead, they ran into a red fortress.

President Trump won Texas by six points! 

Across Texas, Republican districts that were targeted by Democrats stayed red, whereas a blue district actually flipped red. We couldn’t be more proud of Texas for rejecting leftists’ extreme agenda and for again proving to be a wastebasket for pro-abortion efforts.

Texas Right to Life especially celebrated Pro-Life incumbent Congressman Chip Roy’s victory over radical abortion icon Wendy Davis. Wendy Davis is the face of the anti-Life left. There couldn’t have been a starker contrast between her and Pro-Life champion Chip Roy. We are proud to have played a key part in her crushing defeat. Texas Right to Life worked relentlessly in Congressional District 21 to expose Davis’s radical anti-Life views. Our outreach targeted Democrats and swing voters identified as amenable to a Pro-Life message.  

Texas Right to Life also congratulated several endorsed candidates who defeated vicious challenges from Democrats, including:

  • Beth Van Duyne;
  • Jeff Cason;
  • Representative Tony Tinderholt;
  • Representative Matt Shaheen; and
  • Representative Matt Krause. 

Texas Right to Life also congratulated Representative Mike Schofield on his victory over Democrat Gina Calanni; Schofield will be returning to the House after a one-term absence. Mike Schofield is not only staunchly Pro-Life, but a brilliant and adept legislator. 

Schofield’s victory in Harris County is particularly relevant in light of pro-abortion incumbent Republican Sarah Davis’s defeat in a nearby district. While voters in a blue district chose a Pro-Life Republican by electing Mike Schofield, flipping that district red, voters also rejected a pro-abortion Republican, rejecting Davis. This shows how important the Life issue is to Republican voters. There is no room in the Republican Party for anti-Life candidates like Sarah Davis who stand for nothing but political power.

Notably, President Trump made dramatic gains among Hispanic voters. In Starr County – the most Hispanic county in America – Trump flipped 25% of the electorate. The rural border county only voted 52% for Joe Biden Tuesday night, compared to Barack Obama’s 84% victory in 2008, and 79% for Hillary Clinton in 2016. In four years, President Trump has captured a quarter of the Hispanic electorate in Starr County. This is a pattern showing how Hispanic voters, who are overwhelmingly Pro-Life, are the future of the Republican Party and Pro-Life movement. 

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