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The Importance of Choosing a Pro-Life Ob-GYN

by | Nov 20, 2020

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life  Federation

She was 47 years old, living in Pennsylvania and considered a high-risk pregnancy. She desperately needed help from a doctor who would look out for the best interests of her baby and herself. She was also willing to drive hundreds of miles to secure the best possible care for her preborn child. 

After exhausting other possibilities, she hit the jackpot when she found a pro-life ob/ gyn who would offer her baby. Now, her baby daughter is the light of her life, thanks to the tireless work of her doctor, MaryAnne Freeman Brndjar ( 

Over the years, I have had many people contact me, asking for a referral for a prolife doctor—especially when it comes to the care of preborn babies and their mothers. They believe that a physician who espouses the sanctity of innocent human life will provide exceptional care for themselves and their loved ones. I recall when I was first pregnant, living in a new city. 

I contacted a fertility expert for a referral for a pro-life ob/gyn. I did not want to entrust the care of my preborn child to someone who did not truly respect life in the womb. Thankfully, I received a wonderful referral, and both my preborn baby and myself received excellent care. 

It is indeed sad that, in the times in which we live, not every doctor espouses a prolife viewpoint. Indeed, some actually betray the Hippocratic Oath by performing abortions. But it is heartening to know that there are doctors out there such as Dr. Brndjar, making the world a safer, more welcoming place for babies and their mothers.

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