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Working up until the last minute on behalf of President Trump is working to protect unborn babies from pro-abortion radicals

by | Nov 2, 2020

Editor’s note. After we posted the last NRL News prior to the November 3rd General Election, I asked NRL President  Carol Tobias and Jacki Ragan,  who directs National  Right to Life’s State Organizational Development Department, to write a few words about how important it is that all of the thousands of chapter chairs of NRL’s 50 state affiliates, working side by side with the millions of grassroots pro-life Americans, distribute this crucial edition far and wide. They graciously agreed.

Carol Tobias

Photo: Gage Skidmore

The National Right to Life News “Election Edition 2020” is out. This terrific issue is brimming with wonderfully inspirational articles that we are counting on you to share with family, friends, and neighbors before Tuesday.  

Beginning on page one, there are articles that cover the many pro-life accomplishments of President Donald Trump and his administration. You will read about how important it is that this president continues to shape the federal judiciary into a branch of government that respects and strictly interprets the U.S. Constitution.  We discuss the significance of retaining a pro-life majority in the U.S. Senate, and much more, including the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Please, please– you may have friends and neighbors who do not realize how important this election is, or may not be sure who they should vote for. Please pass this issue along to them and ask them to read through it.  Then encourage them to vote, and to remember the babies when they do vote.

Jacki Ragan

There are no words to thank the grassroots for what you have done in these past few months.  The time you’ve devoted, the work you put in came at a sacrifice: you were away from family.

But it was done—and will be all the way through Election Day—for the noblest of reasons: working toward the day when unborn babies are welcomed in life and protected in law. To reach that glorious end, you are doing everything in your power to see that our pro-life president is re-elected.

You have made calls, knocked on doors, volunteered in states far from where you live, put out yard signs and other pro-life materials, talked to everyone you can possibly get to listen about the importance of this election.  None of that is glamorous, all of it is critical to carrying the day for those who have no voice.

A simple “thank you” seems painfully inadequate, but it is offered in utter sincerity.  Thank you from all of us at National Right to Life for every minute that you have devoted to winning on behalf of the littlest Americans. 

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