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Abortion activist makes game where purpose is to kill an unborn baby with a shotgun

by | Dec 16, 2020

By Right to Life UK

As part of the ongoing effort by pro-abortion activists to introduce abortion to Argentina, one activist Florencia Rumpel, has created a version of the controversial game, Doom, entitled: “Doom Fetito”, in English – “Little Foetus Doom.” 

The  Argentinean pro-abortion activist has modified the famous 1990s video game in which the player completes the game  by shooting  an unborn baby with a shotgun. Once the player has killed the unborn baby the game displays the message “You defeated fetito [English translation – little foetus]! Give this misoprostol [the drug used for medical abortion] to those in need so they might defeat it too!” 

Doom is a violent ‘first-person-shooter released in 1993 in which the person playing the game adopts the perspective of the shooter. In the original version of the game, the player encounters and kills monsters of various kinds as he or she progresses through the game.

In Doom Fetito, however, rather than killing monsters, the player first kills pro-life women, Catholic priests and police, before ultimately killing an unborn child – the “boss” of the game. 

Following the death of the unborn child, which is completed by shooting the baby multiple times, the pro-abortion message “You defeated fetito! Give this misoprostol to those in need so they might defeat it too!” appears.

Too much for some supporters of abortion

The violent nature of the game is even proving too much for some abortion supporters. One commenter, voicing their disapproval on gaming site Kotaku, said:

“Very much pro-choice myself but I feel like creating a violent shooting video game where the goal is to abort a giant fetus with a shotgun might be sending the wrong message”.

It seems that the idea of killing unborn children as part of a game is not new however, as another gamer said: 

“If people want to go into a uterus and destroy fetuses in a video game they could always play the final level of Rise of the Triad. The map was shaped like a woman’s reproductive system and you had to search and destroy all the cloning pods to keep the boss from coming back to life and destroying the world”.

Argentina’s battle to remain pro-life

While some are pushing their abortion activism through video games, pro-lifers have taken to the streets by the thousands across cities throughout the country to rally against a bill which seeks to legalise abortion on demand.

The Bill is being fast-tracked by President Alberto Fernández who introduced the bill as part of his campaign promise. It passed in Argentina’s Chamber of Deputies on December 11th and will be heading to the Senate. 

This is the ninth time that a bill to legalise abortion has been introduced.

The abortion bill, “Regulation of access to voluntary interruption of pregnancy and post-abortion care”, was drawn up by the ministries of Health and Women, Gender and Diversity in coordination with the Legal and Technical Secretariat of the Presidency.

If this legislation were to pass, Argentina would join a long list of countries where governments and unelected officials have imposed abortion on their citizens without popular support. Most famously, this took place in the United States in 1973 when seven unelected judges imposed abortion on all fifty states.

 “Doom Fetito is a deeply perverse form of activism.” Spokesperson for Right To Life UK, Catherine Robinson said. “The game involves killing pro-life women before shooting to death an unborn baby with a shotgun at the end.”

“The ‘game’ openly encourages active hostility against pro-lifers – they are first beaten with fists before later being shot – as well as animosity between mothers and their unborn children. Once the player has shot to death the unborn child with a shotgun, the game displays a message encouraging them to use the abortion drug misoprostol to ‘defeat’ unborn children in real life.”

“While some pro-abortion campaigners may want to distance themselves from this sickening game, in reality it reveals, in a gruesome way, exactly what abortion really is – the deliberate ending of an unborn child’s life. Abortion may be performed by highly paid staff in an abortion chain clinic owned by Marie Stopes or BPAS, but at the end of the day, abortion is always and everywhere the ending of an innocent baby’s life, just as is glorified in this vile game.”

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