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Anyone surprised? Celebrating the beauty of unborn life enrages pro-abortionists

by | Dec 4, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. This latest in our series of stories reposted from exactly one year ago today in NRL News Today, is, unfortunately, an all—too-common example of pro-abortion intolerance that is extreme even by their standards.

Tip of the hat to Micaiah Bilger for alerting us to the wonderful news about Ellen Fisher, who is pregnant with her third child, but also, alas, to the predictably vitriolic, anti-life response to anyone who is in awe of the magnificent complexity and uniqueness of unborn children.

What started the “controversy” was an Instagram Ms. Fisher posted last Saturday. Who is Ellen Fisher? She is “a vegan, natural mother homeschooling in Hawaii, pregnant with her third baby,” explains Bethany Mandel. “ She posts about food, her kids, her idyllic lifestyle in paradise” with her husband, Andrew.

Mrs. Fisher’s “offense” that enraged some of her followers (and she has many!)? Writing reverently about the intricacy, the humanity, the beauty of children as they develop in utero. Here is her Instagram post that triggered the usual suspects:

At 15 weeks pregnant the baby inside of me has unique, one-of-a kind fingerprints that are visible already. He/she has fingers and tiny fingernails and toes and eyes and a face and developing organs. The baby’s heart is pumping roughly 25 quarts of blood every day and will continue as he develops in the womb. She has reflexes and can open and close her fingers and make movement with her mouth. Between 15 to 20 weeks baby will double in size. As his body grows, his nervous system is rapidly maturing. His nerves are connecting his brain to the rest of his body, traveling to the brain and then down the spine and beginning to extend into his torso and limbs. Sensory development is picking up speed and her brain is designating special areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision and touch. As your baby grows he creates a strong connection to you and is learning who you are. She can sense your mood and temperament. And just 21 days following conception – the baby’s organs start to develop, and the heart begins to beat. These developmental milestones often take place before the mother even knows she is pregnant. How amazing is the miracle of growing babies! Babies in the womb have intrinsic value. The difference between us and them is time.”

I don’t know if the anti-life hate mongers would have landed so hard on Mrs. Fisher were it not for the last two sentences. Granted, they’d have annoyed because she had laid out the developmental landmarks and talked about babies as if they were one of us.

But to recognize the unborn baby’s value; to acknowledge his or her uniqueness; and (most of all) to celebrate that, left undisturbed, that little one will arrive in 40 weeks ,was beyond the pale for the grumpy, grouchy, crotchety pro-abortion set who demand we all celebrate not life but the “right” to choose death.

Congratulations to Mrs. Fisher and I look forward to seeing more baby bump pictures over the next few months.

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