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Give yourself an early Christmas gift and watch this video!

by | Dec 23, 2020

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

A powerful video can stir the emotions and prick the conscience, making one look at life from another point of view.

Such is the case with a dynamic video posted by Focus on the Family as part of its effort to encourage people to sign the pledge to “love every heartbeat.”

In the video, we hear a child’s voice saying, “Hello, world! Do you see me?”

The video is blurry, with the child noting that, though hidden, she is here. Then, in a rush of energy, a life bursts forth from the screen, culminating in the birth of a baby.

The video then chronicles the milestones the girl will achieve on her way to adulthood—if only she is given the chance at life.

Life can be messy and, at times, let’s face it, highly challenging. But it is also quite beautiful, poetic, musical—and always worth living. 

No one has the right to snuff out a human life—even at its earliest stages of development. This refreshing video is a testament to that.

Please give yourself an early Christmas gift and watch the video here ( ).

Chances are you will be amazed and delighted—and more convinced than ever that pro-life is pro-love.

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