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I Love Christmas

by | Dec 8, 2020

By Carol Tobias, President

Editor’s note. This President’s column appears on page three of the December digital edition of National Right to Life News.

Please share this moving story, as well as the remainder of this Christmas edition, with your pro-life family and friends.

I love Christmas! I love the music. I love the decorations. I love the feeling of joy in the air. Strangers are friendlier and smile more. Even in these very hard and difficult times, people tend to be more generous toward those less fortunate, and peace, joy, and love seem to be more abundant everywhere. I love what this joyous season does for them and to me.

And I love most the Christmas story that started it all. God comes to earth as a baby, born to a young woman, to bridge the gap between us finite mortals and an infinite Creator.

A few years ago, I came across a song that was slightly different from other Christmas songs. It goes beyond the joy of Christmas to the real reason we celebrate. Entitled, “When the Angels’ Song is Silent,” by Mary Kay Beall, it starts:

When the angels’ song is silent and the star is not so bright,
When the stable door stands open in the cold mid-morning light,
When the angels’ song is silent and the shepherds have gone home,
Then the promise of Christmas begins.

When the angels’ song is silent, and the prophecy’s fulfilled,
When the swaddling clothes are folded, and the baby’s cry is stilled;
When the angels’ song is silent, and the drama is all done,
Then the promise of Christmas begins.

The song continues into Easter where the promise of Christmas is fulfilled at a cross that proves the Father’s great love for you and for me.

The Christmas season comes as we approach the conclusion of a very, very difficult year. We’ve experienced the ups and down of COVID, elections, good and bad laws enacted, declining numbers of surgical abortions but an increasing number of chemical abortions.

We start the new year with challenges–some old, some new, some perennial. But that neither overwhelms us nor deters us. We remind ourselves that we are in this movement for the long haul. For we labor not for ourselves but for the little ones who otherwise would have no voice.
We know that 62 million unborn children have perished because the courts in our land determined these lives have no value.

Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry are working diligently to see that chemical abortion pills are available over the counter without a prescription, or that they can be mailed directly into someone’s home for a do-it-yourself abortion. “Do It Yourself” abortions. Can there be an uglier phrase or more dangerous reality?

But we work not only on behalf of the children. We see the lives of the elderly and those with disabilities devalued as they are pushed out of the way, encouraged to seek a doctor’s “assistance” in ending their lives, or their lives are taken as a result of starvation and dehydration or denial of life-saving medical treatment. That’s in a “normal” year.

But 2020 was anything but normal. This year, tens of thousands of our elderly brothers and sisters died in nursing homes and assisted living centers from what certainly appears to be, at best, poor decisions, at worst discriminatory practices related to the COVID pandemic.

News stories and articles in medical journals written by “bioethicists” used the pandemic as an excuse to bring up one of their favorite topics: the possibility of rationing care based on the age and ability. Others raised the possibility of instituting mandatory “do not resuscitate” orders for COVID-19 patients, even if doing so overrode a patient’s advanced directive or the family’s wishes.

We stand committed to the proposition that the lives of the elderly and those with disabilities are no less valuable than other lives and should not be treated as though their lives are graded on a curve.

Pro-lifers work every day to change these attitudes of callousness and indifference to an attitude that respects and protects innocent human life.
What always amazes me about pro-lifers is their energy, their wisdom, their love, their joy, their fortitude, and so much more. I like to say we do everything with love in our hearts and a smile on our face. Pro-lifers are warm, caring individuals who, having seen the multiple threats to innocent life, willingly take on the challenge of being their protectors and their champions.

A final thought. We should not allow all of this to rob us of the joy of the Christmas season–the warmth, the excitement, the reassurance that there is more to the season than just gift-giving and a baby born in a manger. As dedicated pro-lifers, we know there is much to do in the coming year, and we will be ready for all of it. But that does not alter the reason for the season.

My sincere wish for all of you is that you have a joyous Christmas with loved ones. May there be peace in your heart, buoyed by the knowledge that there is no greater cause for which to give of yourself.

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