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New Data Reveals Dozens of Abortion Businesses Took PPP Funding

by | Dec 11, 2020

By Secular Pro-Life

Back in July, we reported that Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds were used to prop up several abortion businesses in addition to Planned Parenthood affiliates nationwide. Infuriatingly, Hope Clinic for Women in Illinois received over $150,000 despite publicly admitting that its gruesome business was booming; its deputy director told CBS News that “women are now less likely to change their minds once they schedule an abortion. Normally, 50% go through with it; amid the pandemic, the rate is 85%.” PPP money was supposed to help struggling small businesses keep their employees on the payroll, not subsidize abortionists who are already flush with cash from exploiting mothers’ fears.

Our July reporting was based on a limited data set, in which the Small Business Administration only disclosed businesses that received $150,000 or more in PPP funds and did not state the exact amounts of the grants. Following a lawsuit from major media outlets, the Small Business Administration recently released more complete data. 

Secular Pro-Life’s analysis of this new information reveals dozens more abortion businesses that took PPP money from the American people, totaling over $3.5 million. Abortion lobby groups obtained millions more. Again, this is on top of the $80 million wrongfully taken by Planned Parenthood, which is excluded from our review because it has already been widely reported. 

With no further ado:

Abortion Businesses

A Gyn Diagnostic Center in Hialeah, FL received $12,120.

AbortionClinicsOrg (the infamous Leroy Carhart) in Bethesda, MD received $120,780. 

Acacia Women’s Center in Phoenix, AZ received $27,500.

Access Health Center in Downers Grove, IL received $64,155.

Ashland Center for Women’s Health in Ashland, OR received $7,000.

Atlanta Women’s Medical Center in Atlanta, GA received $211,864.

Blue Coral Women’s Care in Miami, FL received $8,446.

Bristol Regional Women’s Center in Bristol, TN received $21,100.

Concord Feminist Health Center in Concord, NH received $111,000.

Delaware County Women’s Center in Chester, PA received $44,526.

Desert Star Family Planning in Phoenix, AZ received $43,117.

Eastside Gynecology in New York, NY received $35,727.

Eve of Kendall in Miami, FL received $29,400.

Family Planning Association of Maine in Augusta, ME received $238,500. 

Feminist Health Ctr of Portsmouth in Greenland, NH received $51,619.

Feminist Women’s Health Center in Atlanta, GA received $304,600.

Feminist Women’s Health Center, which is apparently unrelated to the Georgia company above, operates the “Cedar River” chain of abortion centers in Washington state (Renton, Tacoma, and Seattle). It received $443,321.

Gynecology and More in Hialeah, FL received $9,840.

Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, IL received $151,970.

Houston Women’s Reproductive Services in Houston, TX received $26,930.

Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health in Knoxville, TN received $123,995.

Little Rock Family Planning Services in Little Rock, AR received $149,800.

Lovejoy Surgicenter in Portland, OR received $146,700.

Michigan Avenue Center for Health in Chicago, IL received $28,012. The grant was approved on May 1, 2020. Less than three months later, Michigan Avenue for Health hospitalized a teenage girl.

Miramar Woman Center in Miramar, FL received $9,750.

My Choice Medical Center in Van Nuys, CA received $87,500.

Potomac Family Planning Center in Rockville, MD received $112,400.

Northland Family Planning Clinic in Southfield, MI received $347,810.

Robbinsdale Clinic in Minneapolis, MC received $63,077.

South Wind Women’s Center in Oklahoma City, OK received $91,800.

Tampa Woman’s Health Center in Tampa, FL received $33,000.

Union Ob/Gyn in Union, NJ received $124,077.

West Alabama Women’s Center in Tuscaloosa, AL received $121,500. West Alabama Women’s Center killed a patient in May 2020 and its abortionist’s medical license was suspended in August 2020. The Small Business Administration data set does not reveal whether the grant was approved before or after those events.

Women’s Aid Center in Chicago, IL received $90,000.

Women’s Choice of Hackensack in Hackensack, NJ received $31,715.

Women’s Health Services in Brookline, MA received $20,800.

Y. H. Wong Ob/Gyn Practice in New York, NY received $20,832. 

Abortion Lobby Groups

Abortion Care Network received $139,827.

Center for Reproductive Rights received $3,305,897.

Carolina Abortion Fund received $7,246.

Chicago Abortion Fund received $23,900.

Guttmacher Institute received $3,043,300.

NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland Fund received $38,295.

NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts Foundation received $21,900.

NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota Foundation received $64,700.

NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri Foundation received $26,200.

NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina Foundation received $30,500.

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Foundation received $75,000.

National Abortion Federation received $583,993.

National Institute for Reproductive Health received $434,000.

National Network of Abortion Funds received $685,000.

Physicians for Reproductive Health received $390,000.

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice received $866,703.

URGE: Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equality received $333,800.

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