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One year ago: NY Times Admits Abortion is Losing, but Why?

by | Dec 7, 2020

By Bonnie Finnerty, Education Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Editor’s note. This post from one year is the latest in our own going series. As much as any story we’ve reposted, what Bonnie said is as true today as when she wrote it in 2019.

At first glance, it’s shocking. An article in the left-leaning, pro-abortion  New York Times recently admitted that abortion supporters are losing ground to pro-lifers.

“How a Divided Left is Losing the Battle on Abortion” makes for an interesting read, but falls short in addressing the underlying reason for pro-life gains [].

According to writers Elizabeth Dias and Lisa Lerer, “Miscalculations and an unexpected victory by President Trump have put abortion access at its most vulnerable point in decades.”

They identify several “miscalculations.” Complacency that developed during the pro-abortion Obama era. Accusations that Planned Parenthood is more political than patient-oriented. Disconnect between the powerful national abortion lobby and smaller independent abortion centers.

And this surprising acknowledgement: the extremist position of political candidates who support government-funded abortion up through birth, “leaving little room for the complex views on the issue that most Americans hold.”

Clearly, there is discord among the abortion ranks, and for good reason. One woman compared the current climate to the pre-Roe years, insisting abortion rights advocates must rebuild their grass-roots power.

But we are so not pre-Roe.

Too much has happened since then. Things we cannot un-see, un-hear, or un-know, factors that the NY Times article fails to address but which certainly account for a robust and flourishing pro-life movement.

We’ve seen the undeniable humanity of the pre-born baby through advanced ultrasound technology, a tool not available pre-Roe.

We’ve heard the pained testimonies of post-abortive women haunted by regret, and we’ve heard the shaken voices of workers who’ve exposed the lies of the abortion industry after abandoning it.

We now know that a majority of women feel coerced into aborting, countering the falsehood of empowerment, and we now know that pain-capable babies are killed in a way that preserves their organs for harvesting and sale, reducing them to a mere commodity.

No, we are in a much different place than 1973. We are now post-Roe, with 61 million lives lost, and countless wounded.

That is the miscalculation not acknowledged in the article–that 47 years of legalized abortion has provided all the evidence needed to prove it is wrong. This evidence has formed a tenacious resolve in the heart of the pro-life movement, a resolve to never rest until the genocide of the pre-born is ended.

While the left will remedy their miscalculations, raising billions more to spread pervasive propaganda, they may underestimate the power of a convicted people. The pro-life movement, operating on a shoe-string budget, bolstered by dedicated volunteers, and united in a noble mission, will never cease to proclaim truth, shed light, and defend life.

We are here to stay, and in the end, life will win!

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