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“President-elect Harris”: Just another verbal flub from Biden or a signal of something else?

by | Dec 30, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Well….. presumably there are only two explanations. When, yet again, Joe Biden referred to Kamala Harris as “president-elect” (as he did Tuesday), this lapse is either further evidence of the erosion of Mr. Biden’s intellectual capacities or, as I suspect is equally plausible, a deliberate tilling of the ground in preparation for a early handing over of much of the responsibilities of the Executive Branch to a Democrat who, if possible, is even more radically pro-abortion than Biden is.

[Actually, I suppose there is a third possibility. Biden is visibly short-tempered and grumpy these days. So when he said (referring to a COVID 19 vaccine he had taken ”to instill public confidence”),  “President-elect Harris took hers today for the same reason,” Biden did so just to see if reporters would have the backbone to bring it up. Of course, they didn’t.]

“Biden had already referred to his running mate, a 56-year-old California senator, as leading the top of the ticket,” Tristan Justice wrote today. “Speaking in Florida in September, Biden referred to a potential new White House as a ‘Harris-Biden administration.’ Harris made the same mistake several days earlier, speaking optimistically of a ‘Harris administration.’”

There’ve been many stories about Biden’s “shift” on abortion. And while he has moved, for most of his time in office, he always had one foot and four toes in the pro-abortion camp. The lone toehold was not insignificant: the Hyde Amendment.

But when push came to shove—last year in June, to be specific when he had not wrapped up his party’s presidential nomination– in the space of one day he flipped from reaffirming his support for a measure that has saved at least two million lives to opposition. Not exactly a profile in courage, but lurching leftward on a multiplicity of issues was a price Biden willingly paid.

When it came to annihilating unborn children, Sen. Harris had no conscience or principles to toss overboard. She has always enthusiastically embraced abortion.

Before we briefly recite her anti-life resume, it’s important to remember what kind of person she is.

She is the kind whose smear of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh was so intellectually dishonest even the Washington Post Factchecker and Politifact blanched.

Harris had tweeted out an 11-second clip of Kavanaugh speaking at his confirmation hearing which, oh so conveniently, deleted one second of what he said (the words “They say”). The effect was to falsely and maliciously  attribute to Kavanaugh an assertion that someone else had made. 

Sleazy even by the standards of Democrats at Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing and subsequently.

Back to Harris’s record. Perhaps one good way at getting at it is to see what NARAL President Ilyse Hogue said in a fulsome press release after Harris’s selection. Here a few excerpts:

* Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Joe Biden not only form a historic ticket, but will also be the perfect ticket to beat Trump in November. 

* Vice President Biden and Sen. Harris’ commitment to our fundamental rights will be critical to turning out the vote. 

* With our rights and our freedoms under relentless assault by Donald Trump and Mike Pence, our 2.5 million members are ready to mobilize and fight for a better future by electing Biden and Sen. Harris in November.

* Sen. Harris has earned a 100% voting record in NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Congressional Record on Choice every year she has served in the U.S. Senate. She has cosponsored critical legislation to protect and advance reproductive freedom, including the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA) to protect our right to access abortion care free from medically unnecessary restrictions and bans, the Global HER Act to expand access to reproductive healthcare internationally by permanently ending the global gag rule, and the EACH Woman Act to block racist bans on abortion coverage like the Hyde Amendment once and for all.

She reminds me of pro-abortion Hillary Clinton: Let’s increase the number of dead babies not just in the United States but also abroad.

No wonder the Abortion Industry championed Biden’s selection of Harris. Care to wager how eager they are for Biden to effectively give the presidency over to Harris?

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