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Spain Joining Euthanasia Pandemic

by | Dec 21, 2020

By Wesley J. Smith

If euthanasia is a social disease, the West is in a worsening pandemic. Now, Spain is about to legalize lethal-injection euthanasia and assisted suicide. From El Congreso‘s story (Google translation):

The standard will regulate both euthanasia (the consensual administration of drugs to someone who cannot fend for himself to end his life) and assisted suicide (making these substances available for the patient to end his or her own life).

But not everyone will be able to access them. To do so, the applicant must be of legal age and Spanish nationality, or, if not, have resided in Spain for the last 12 months. And you can only get help to die if you suffer “a serious and incurable illness” or “a serious, chronic and impossible condition” that prevents you from using yourself or that entails “constant and intolerable physical or psychic suffering”.

That opens a very wide door, doesn’t it?

Euthanasia/assisted suicide is blitzkrieging Europe, with Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, and now Spain falling to the belief that killing is a splendid means for ending suffering.

Also, Canada is now expanding its already radical killing license. Victoria, Australia also permits assisted suicide and, soon, New Zealand.

We have stopped the spread of assisted suicide in the USA of late, but Massachusetts, New York, and other states are going wobbly.

The quote of Canadian journalist Andrew Coyne keeps ricocheting around my brain:

A society that believes in nothing can offer no argument even against death. A culture that has lost its faith in life cannot comprehend why it should be endured.

Is he wrong?

Editor’s note. Wesley’s great columns appear at National Review Online and are reposted with permission.

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