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Striving to safeguard unborn life in the 2nd millennium

by | Dec 28, 2020

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

The news article, whose captivating headline once caught my eye, was about two now 96-year-old women who were the oldest twins living in York County, Pennsylvania.

The story, written by Kim Strong for the York Daily Record, noted how different the women were in temperament—one was sassy, the other quiet. Yet for all their differences, they shared an unbreakable bond.

The article made me stop and think: How many twins never get to see their first birthday—let alone their 95th—because they are aborted in their mothers’ wombs?

When twins are aborted, the tragedy is doubled, the heartache intensified. Women pregnant with twins need to be assured of the life-affirming options available to them, including placing their children for adoption.

Twins who have been lost to abortion are not “statistics.” They are flesh-and-blood human beings, unique individuals each of whom deserved a place at the family table.

Ask yourself what wonderful people have we missed, because these two unborn children fell victim to abortion?

No one would argue that twins aren’t a handful. Certainly, women pregnant with twins deserve our utmost respect and support—not only before birth, but afterward as well. Yet these children are also a tremendous blessing.

This is where families, churches, and pregnancy resources can enter in—sharing in the blessing, lending a helping hand wherever assistance is necessary.

When these twin sisters were born 96 years ago, abortion was illegal. In trying to safeguard life in the second millennium, it is not a question of going backwards. Rather, it is a matter of moving forward—to a society that welcomes and celebrates life in all its forms—even when it comes along in “twos.”

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