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The 20 most read NRL News Today stories of 2020

by | Dec 29, 2020

By Dave Andrusko

Each year as we approach the end of the calendar year we list the best received, most popular NRL News Today stories of the previous twelve months.

There is no magic to choosing 20—we settled on 10 last year– but 20 it is.

There are several common denominators. To no one’s surprise, I would imagine, stories related to pro-life President Donald Trump constituted the largest number of stories with posts that relate to the impact of COVID 19 finishing a strong second.

Likewise, our readers thoroughly enjoyed posts about the nomination of now-Justice Amy Coney Barrett, her confirmation battle, and the response of attendees at a huge Trump rally to the news of her ultimate confirmation.

Second chance stories were inevitably well-received. The best example of that in 2020 was the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol. APR can save a large percentage of babies in those instances where their mothers change their minds in mid-stream and do not take the second of the two drugs that make up chemical abortions (aka “RU-486” or, as pro-abortionists prefer, “medication abortion”). Planned Parenthood hates Abortion Pill Reversal laws with a passion.

But rather than summarize the categories, allow me to encourage you to read the top 20.

My thanks go out to all our readers and especially to those who made it a point of forwarding NRL News Today stories to their pro-life family and friends.

I would love to hear your reactions to what our audience liked most. Please send them to

Top 20 stories for 2020….

A significant Moment in History… a President’s appearance at the March for Life
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