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The belief that life has infinite, irreplaceable value– as plain as a red sweater on a newborn baby’s back

by | Dec 30, 2020

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

It has become a lovely tradition in hospitals around the nation: dressing newborn babies in distinctive garb, based upon a holiday or some other celebration.

Witness babies dressed like Mister Rogers, the acclaimed children’s television host…newborns dressed as characters from the film “Frozen”…and babies outfitted in Christmas stockings.

These beautiful photos go viral on social media, adorning Facebook feeds, Instagram stories, and Twitter pages. While some may dismiss this phenomenon as just a cute custom, it is actually much more than that. It is a recognition of the amazing beauty of the newly born…an honoring of their personhood…and a celebration of their oh-so-young lives.

Yet, it is alarming that babies not much younger than these are routinely and brutally denied the right to life.

Abortion represents the ending of what should be infinite possibilities. It is an action born of hopelessness, despair, and even greed by abortion center profiteers. It is the opposite of the neighborliness of a Mister Rogers…the indomitable spirit of a “Frozen” character…and the hope re-born each Christmas.

Future generations may indeed wonder at this deeply disturbing dichotomy—the festive observance of life on the one hand, the cold-hearted ending of that defenseless life on the other. While nurses and doctors provide round-the-clock care to premature infants in one health care facility, abortionists down the street can destroy preborn lives as part of one morning’s “work.”

I have to believe that the schizophrenic nature of our society when it comes to young human life can and will be corrected. A U.S. Supreme Court decision overruling the dreadful travesty of Roe v. Wade…laws protecting innocent preborn life at the state level…and vast numbers of pregnancy resource centers pitching in to help can have the combined effect of reversing our cultural descent into nihilism.

Oxford expertly defines “nihilism” as the belief that life is meaningless. The better angels of our natures know differently. It’s as plain as a red sweater on a newborn baby’s back, the belief that life has infinite, irreplaceable value. And that no amount of pontificating by the pro-abortion movement will change that incontrovertible fact.

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