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A cry for survival and justice for unborn baby girls and boys

by | Jan 29, 2021

By Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ)

Editor’s note. These remarks were delivered at today’s Virtual March for Life by pro-life champion Chris Smith.

Thank you for virtually attending the 2021 March for Life. I and all pro-life Members of Congress know that whether in person or virtual—We are Together Strong, Life Unites.

Just like today, both Presidents Clinton and Obama came into office with Democrat majorities in both houses and sweeping plans to eviscerate all pro-life laws and policies. 

And there were significant pro-life setbacks—but you and I absolutely refused to quit or go away.

Today, we again face enormous challenges and recommit to persevere through prayer, fasting and good works—and respect, including for those with whom we fundamentally disagree— even when it’s not reciprocated. 

President Biden, in your inauguration speech, you claimed that “the dream of justice for all will be deferred no longer”. 

You spoke of “a cry for survival from the planet itself.  A cry that can’t be any more desperate …” 

Mr. President, the dream of “justice for all” cannot be achieved if a whole segment of society is legally ignored and discriminated against because of where they live—in their mothers’ wombs—and how small and defenseless they are.

We know you understand this. You get it—or at least you once did. 

Years ago, you wrote a constituent explaining that a law against funding for abortion would “protect both the woman and her unborn child.”

The science of human development has not changed—and, thanks to ultrasound,  the unborn babies are more visible than ever before.

Mr. President, growing numbers of Americans are shocked to learn that the methods of abortion include dismemberment of a child’s fragile body including decapitation and that drugs like RU 486 starve the baby to death before he or she is forcibly expelled from the womb

The multibillion-dollar abortion industry cleverly markets the sophistry of choice while going to extraordinary lengths to ignore, trivialize and cover-up the battered baby-victim. 

Abortion violence, Mr. President, must be replaced with compassion and empathy for women and for defenseless unborn babies in the United States and around the world.  We must love them both.

More than 62 million babies have been killed by abortion in the US since Roe—a loss of children’s lives that equates with the entire population of Italy.

Someday future generations of Americans will look back on us and wonder how and why a society that prided itself on human rights and empathy could have effectuated and enabled the loss of so many defenseless babies.

Mr. President, reversing the Protection Life in Global Health Assistance– Mexico City Policy- forces U.S. taxpayers to fund organizations that promote, lobby for or perform abortion on demand in foreign countries.

Yet, Americans overwhelmingly oppose using U.S. foreign aid to subsidize abortion.

The Marist Poll last year found that “More than three in four Americans—76%–oppose using tax dollars to support abortions in other countries.”

Lives, as you surely know, are saved by the Hyde Amendment, a domestic policy ban on funding for abortion you once supported.  More than twenty peer reviewed studies show that more than two million people are alive today in the United States because of Hyde—with about 60,000 children spared death by abortion every year.

Over two million people who would have been aborted instead survived because public funds were unavailable to effectuate their violent demise and their mothers instead benefitted from prenatal healthcare and support. 

By reason of their age, dependency, immaturity, inconvenience, or unwantedness, unborn children have been denied justice and legally rendered persona non grata.

Yet, their cries for survival couldn’t be any more desperate.  These children need the President of the United States to be their friend and advocate—not another powerful adversary.  

If your words that the “the dream of justice for all will be deferred no longer” are to have true meaning, the lives of unborn children must be included and their precious lives must be protected.  

Justice demands it.  

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