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Abortions continue to drop in Kansas in 2019

by | Jan 8, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

“The number of Kansans having an abortion dropped again in 2019, continuing a 20-year mostly downward trend that has also played out across the country,” according to Michael Stavola of the Wichita Eagle. Pro-lifers attribute this welcomed development to  pro-life education, alternatives to abortion, and the extremism of pro-abortionists.

Stavola interviewed Kansans For Life director of government relations Jeanne Gawdun who said  “reasonable regulations” have aided a drop in Kansas abortions.

Those regulations include a ban on abortions after 22 weeks into a pregnancy and a 24-hour waiting period after women have been told the risks related with the procedure.

Fetal education and seeing efforts from abortion rights activists, such as New York’s expansion of abortion rights last year, have pushed people away from having abortions nationwide, she said.

“People are appalled by the extremism by some of these states to have absolutely no protection for the unborn child,” she said.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s 2019 preliminary report, released in 2020, explained that  there were 6,916 reported abortions in 2019. “It’s the third-lowest year in data going back to 1971 — the lowest year was 2016, with 3,439, followed by 2017, with 3,450,” Stavola reported.

Nearly half of the abortions were performed on women who were not Kansas residents, consisting almost entirely women from Missouri.

As is the case nationwide, women of color accounted for a disproportionate number of abortions.

Stavola wrote,  “White women accounted for 53.9% of abortions [they constitute 83% of the population of Kansas and 86% of the population of Missouri], Black women for 23.6% [6% of the population of Kansas is Black,12% of the population of Missouri is Black], and Hispanic women account for 14.6% [12% of the population of Kansas is Hispanic, while 4% of the Missouri population is Hispanic], according to the 2019 Kansas data.”

The story broke down the figures to show the number of abortions by age.

  • The 20-24 age group had the highest number of abortions of any age group, accounting for 2,156 abortions, or about 31% of the total.
  • There were 13 abortions in the 45 and up age group.
  • There were 141 abortions in the groups that included age 17 or younger.

Abortifacients were used “roughly 64% of the time in abortions reported by clinics.”