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Delta Hospice Society – Layoffs and Eviction

by | Jan 8, 2021

Editor’s note. The following press release came this morning from the Delta Hospice Society, located in British Columbia, Canada. As the followings explains—and we have written about extensively—the Delta Hospice Society has worked diligently and faithfully to sustain its life-affirming mission against the government which has threatened to, and now will, defund it as of next month, because it will not be a party to “Medical Assistance in Dying.”

The hospice has a YouTube channel at which you hear a more complete description of their dire situation.

Members of the media are urged to view the attached video link that explains why the Delta Hospice Society has been forced to issue layoff notices to all clinical staff prior to our role concluding inside our Hospice effective Feb. 25, 2021.

The board of DHS deeply regrets being compelled to take this action. Tragically, as the video  and the attached background document make clear, we have been left no other choice due to the Fraser Health Authority canceling our service agreement and 35-year lease. Fraser Health  is about to evict us and expropriate approximately $15 million of our assets simply because we decline to euthanize our patients at our 10-bed Irene Thomas Hospice in Ladner, B.C. 

To be clear, we accept that the provision of MAiD is an elective, legal service across Canada. Nothing in Canadian law, however, requires medically assisted death to be made available everywhere, at all times, to everyone. The Constitution of our private Society and our commitment to palliative care, bars us from offering it. Neither the board of the DHS, nor the vast majority of our patients and members want to change that. 

“This is not a debate about MAiD,” says board President Angelina Ireland. “A person  who wants MAiD can have it at the hospital right next door to us. This is about the B.C. government destroying a sanctuary for dying patients who want the choice to stay in a palliative care facility where MAiD is not offered. They now find their rights to equal choice being revoked. They are being disenfranchised by the very system they pay for.”

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