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“Factcheckers” can’t be bothered looking for Biden’s false claims

by | Jan 25, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

Over the four years of President Trump’s administration, we would frequently repost stories from Newsbusters, documenting the absurdly biased manner in which the Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” would move heaven and earth to find more of President Trump’s “false claims.”

Over the weekend, Newsbusters’ Tim Graham, drawing on a story in The Daily Caller, provided evidence what we all knew was coming: a freeze on a hunt for False & Misleading Claims. After all, while they continued to find a gazillion “false claims” from President Trump, the WaPo’s “Factcheckers” couldn’t find a single one for candidate, now President, Joe Biden.  

Here are some highlights from “COZY! WashPost ‘Fact Checker’ Admits They Won’t Count Biden’s False Claims” which ran on Saturday.

“Glenn Kessler and his Washington Post ‘Fact Checker’ squad celebrated their end-of-term count of President Trump’s ‘false and misleading statements’ – 30,573. Their level of aggression clearly increased as the term went on, since they announced on January 21, 2019 they had arrived at 8,158 of those – or 26.7 percent of the four-year total.”

So, what about the new Biden administration? Kessler will be tough as nails, right? Ah, no. 

Shelby Talbot of the Daily Caller wrote

The Washington Post ended its false claims project for President Donald Trump on Wednesday and has no current “plans” to start a new database for President Joe Biden, the paper told the Daily Caller.


The Post’s director of communications Shani George told the Caller.

“The database of Trump claims was started a month after Trump became president as a way to not overwhelm our fact-checking enterprise, where the core mission is to explain complex policy issues,” George said. “While we do not have plans to launch a Biden database at this time, we will continue to dig into the accuracy of statements by political figures of all party affiliations.”

Talbot observed

The move comes despite Biden having his own history of pushing false and misleading claims. The current president was forced to drop out of his first presidential race in 1987 after unearthed C-SPAN footage showed him lying about where he ranked upon graduating law school.

This revelation came after Biden was accused of plagiarizing a speech from then-U.K. Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock, TIME reported.

Graham highlighted how “party affiliation matters: there was no False & Misleading Statements count for Barack Obama, and there wouldn’t have been one if Hillary Clinton won in 2016. Kessler told Jordan Klepper at Comedy Central ‘In terms of fact checking, Hillary Clinton is like playing chess with a real pro. Fact-checking Donald Trump is like playing checkers [Laughter] with someone that’s not very good at it. It’s pretty boring.’ Klepper shot back: “You find Donald Trump boring.” Kessler replied: ‘Yes! His facts are so easily disproven, there’s no joy in the hunt.’

To which Graham added, “There is no ‘hunt’ for Democrats. Only admiration for those chess pros!” 

Graham goes on to quote an interview Kessler gave to CNN in which Kessler contrasted the quick cooperation from the Biden administration to an inquiry Kessler made with the Trump administration which almost never responded.

“That’s because Democrats care about their home-team newspapers, and Biden’s team knew he would be sympathetic, Graham wrote. 

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