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“I still hold in my heart the belief that, in the end, life triumphs”

by | Jan 29, 2021

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Last year, around this time, I was marching. Enthusiastically. Gratefully. Resolutely. I had come to Washington, D.C. with an estimated hundreds of thousands of others to step out in solidarity with pregnant women and their children.

What a difference a year makes.

As a nation, we have weathered our way through a devastating pandemic, which has forced us to spend time separated from loved ones and friends. A new Administration in Washington has erased pro-life protections such as the Mexico City Policy, which had safeguarded our hard-earned tax dollars from being spent on organizations that perform or promote abortions overseas.

And yet…

In spite of the obstacles we have already overcome and the challenges that no doubt lie ahead, I remain enthusiastic, grateful, and resolute. While I will be joining the March for Life via cyberspace this year, I still hold in my heart the belief that, in the end, life triumphs. 

In fact, I believe that this is our moment, our time to reaffirm in a particularly winsome way why the pro-life perspective—the pro-life ethos– is a compassionate, caring way of life.

Whether we are marching in person or in spirit, advocates for life continue to engage vigorously in the legislatures at the same time we provide support and comfort to women in challenging pregnancies. We continue to educate and motivate and draw attention to the miracle that unfolds as an unborn child develops in her mother’s womb.

As we take part in diaper drives and baby bottle collections, we spread hope to women who are longing for it.

At its heart, our movement is defined by the love we show to sisters and daughters and mothers, a  love that works itself out practically and persuasively.

In fact, they will know we are pro-life by our love—a love for both mother and child, the ill and people with disabilities, the infirm and the elderly. 

It is a love which reaches across generations and time zones and cultural differences and which is, at its essence, life-giving and life-affirming

No matter where we are, whether marching or planning life-affirming legislation or talking to an individual pregnant woman in need, we are furthering the cause of life. 

No pandemic can stop that. 

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