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The Biden Administration begins its pro-abortion siege

by | Jan 28, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

It’s not a state secret that pro-abortionists bubble wrap abortion-enhancing proposals in totally misleading, innocuous language. It’s who they are, for starters, and, besides, they know the objective is always to keep the American people in the dark about their real intentions.

They are to transparency what a drunken sailor is to sobriety. 

Consider, this, which  is how his schedule for 1:30 this afternoon was described: “The President signs executive actions strengthening Americans’  access to quality, affordable health care.” 

The remainder of this post will be devoted to what he actually did at 1:30 and how the insincerity of this description is of a piece with the way pro-abortionists have acted since the 1960s when they talked about “abortion reform” when the actual goal was the abolition of all abortions laws, protective or very “liberal.”

So, as you read elsewhere today, pro-abortion President Biden—the man who nine times mentioned “unity” in his Inaugural Address—unleashed a barrage of pro-abortion initiatives that are popular with his base but not the American people. In a nutshell, he wants to subsidize (multiple) abortion at home and abroad and to secure an international “right” to abortion.  More about that in a moment.

In his Inaugural Address, the President talked a lot about truth—“There is truth and there are lies. Lies told for power and for profit” —and about being frank—“Before God and all of you I give you my word. I will always level with you.” These are admirable qualities in any individual, particularly the Chief Executive of our nation.

Where is the truth, however, in folding in “As we continue to battle COVID-19, it is even more critical that Americans have meaningful access to affordable care” (as a White House fact sheet said this morning, referring to “shoring up” Obamacare) with underwriting the Abortion Industry?  This is a shameless attempt to give cover to promoting abortion, particularly egregious at a time of a pandemic which is already responsible for over 400,000 deaths. 

There is a profit—for the Planned Parenthoods of this word—when truth takes a backseat to power.

Did President Biden “level” with us? Did he even hint that every poll not taken by the Abortion Establishment shows the American people do not want their pockets picked to pay for abortion?

Did President Biden not understand that the Geneva Consensus Declaration strengthened “an international coalition to achieve better health for women, the preservation of human life, support for the family as foundational to a healthy society, and the protection of national sovereignty in global politics?” Sure, he did, but the pro-abortion bloc that helped put him in office would never stand for the United States supporting such a genuinely historic accord. 

President Biden couldn’t level about that, either.

We’ll talk elsewhere today about the substance of President Biden’s pro-abortion Executive Orders. They are every bad as we said they would be all the way leading up the election.

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