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A beautiful, powerful, inspirational pro-life song sung by a woman with an absolutely lovely voice

by | Feb 26, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

I suspect I’m far from the only one, but I begin every work day with music that inspires and fires me up. The list of possible selections is almost endless but that just makes the hunt all the more fun.

I ran across a song from well over a decade ago that moves me no less today than it did in 2008. The title is “My Chance” and is sung by pro-life artist Jaime Thietten .

In a sense you can summarize “My Chance,” a handful of words. But short does not mean simple. As pro-lifers we know that “abortion,” while only three-syllables long, packs as much emotional freight as any word in the English language.

Early in “My Chance” we learn that the woman has had an abortion which, as an older woman, she grievously regrets. The lyrics are subtle but you don’t need the musical video to know how deep are her wounds. 

When the couple learned she was pregnant they decided to name the child “Chance.” In anticipation, she buys him the “cutest shoes.” But told they were “too young to raise a son” and “promised we’d never regret it,” she has an abortion. But now “each day we pray that God will understand.” Heartbroken, she misses “My Chance.”

As the video concludes the woman, much older now, is looking upward, holding the baby shoes she’d purchase lo those many years before. The title’s double meaning is revealed in the final verses: “We never got the second chance. He was my one, my only chance. I missed my chance.”

There is a Youtube video that tells the “Story Behind the Song“. Along with Rick Shadrick and J.T. Tallent, the lyricists, Jaime discusses the marvelous way the song came together. All three are solidly pro-life.

A beautiful, powerful, inspirational song sung by a woman with an absolutely lovely voice. Listen to My Chance.

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