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A vivid reminder that every vote counts: “Republicans came within 90,000 votes of controlling all of Washington”

by | Feb 10, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

The obituary for the Pro-Life Movement has been written so often, were it composed on paper, instead of in pixels, it would be frayed at the corners…and the middle…and everywhere else.

It’s mostly written by the usual suspects, what Byron York of the Washington Examiner (in  a different but similar context) calls “groupthink journalists and Democrats who [are] eager for partisan advantage.” They insist now that Democrats hold both Houses of Congress and the presidency, pro-lifers should fold up their tents. This is the exact same “friendly” advice these folks gave us after Bill Clinton and then later Barack Obama were elected.

Why do I mention it today? York’s “Daily Memo” for Wednesday directs us to (of all places) the Washington Post which ran a piece by Aaron Blake headlined, “Republicans came within 90,000 votes of controlling all of Washington.”  

Ninety thousand “at most.”

Blake’s well-documented point is Republicans came within a hair of winning the House [they needed to win only five more seats] and the Senate [they needed to win only one more seat] and re-electing pro-life president Donald Trump. 

For pro-lifers, that also means coming within a whisker of re-electing pro-life Mitch McConnell Senate Majority Leader and being able to choose a pro-lifer to be House Majority Leader and fill the role of Speaker of the House.

Please read Blake’s entire analysis. Here are a few key conclusions.

*Post-election analysis “often overstates just how dire the situation is for a political party. And that’s certainly the case for Republicans and 2020, as they confront their post-Trump reality. The reality, though, is far from that. In fact, Republicans came, at most, 43,000 votes from winning each of the three levers of power.”

*The Presidency. Blake writes, “While Democrat Joe Biden won the popular vote by more than four points and the electoral college 306 to 232, the result was much closer to flipping than that would suggest. Biden won the three decisive states — Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin — by 0.6 percentage points or less, which was similar to Trump’s 2016 victory. If you flip fewer than 43,000 votes across those three states, the electoral college is tied 269 to 269. In that case, Trump would probably have won, given that the race would be decided by one vote for each House delegation, of which Republicans control more.”

*The House. “The number of votes to flip the result was similar in the House,” Blake continues. “As the Cook Political Report’s David Wasserman noted in light of Tenney’s win, fewer than 32,000 votes could have flipped the five seats that Republicans would have needed to win the House majority — Illinois’s 17th District, Iowa’s 3rd, New Jersey’s 7th, Texas’s 15th and Virginia’s 7th.”

*The Senate? There are 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans but control is in the hands of Democrats because any tie-breaking vote is cast by Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris. “While incumbent David Perdue (R-Ga.) lost the closest Senate race in a runoff last month with now-Sen. Jon Ossoff (D-Ga.) by about 55,000 votes, he previously came very close to avoiding the runoff altogether,” Blake notes, “On Election Day, he took 49.7 percent of the vote — fewer than 14,000 votes from winning the race outright. That would have foreclosed any chance Democrats had at winning the Senate.”

Conclusion? “So, 43,000 votes for president, 32,000 votes for the House and 14,000 votes for the Senate. Shifts of 0.6 percent for president, 2.2 percent for the House, and 0.3 percent for the Senate” and pro-life Republicans would be in the position pro-abortion Democrats are today.

Pro-lifers already have more motivation than we need to win victories in the state legislatures and stave off pro-abortion Democrats in Congress aided by Biden/Harris. 

Blake’s story reinforces the truth that there are reasons a plenty to believe we will come back stronger than ever in 2022.

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